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FSC provides businesses with new tools to demonstrate and communicate the positive impact that their purchases, investments and financial support have on the conservation and restoration of forest ecosystem services.


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FSC offers a new way for businesses and other organisations to actively support forest managers in responsibly managing their forests and protecting ecosystem services. By providing financial support or sponsorship for the protection of valuable forest ecosystem services, you receive clear evidence of the positive impact your investment has created – leveraging several benefits for your company (see below). Moreover, you can use the widely recognised FSC trademarks to tell the story of the unique forest and promote your support for protecting its ecosystem services. Research shows that 50% of global consumers recognise the FSC label and have high levels of trust in FSC.

Be Part of the Solution

Business benefits

The infographic below shows the benefits of business. 

01Regulatory compliance
02Value chain development
03CSR & sustainability commitments
04Niche market access & price premiums
05Environmental business associations
06Improved stakeholder relationships
07Green marketing tools/communication
08Improved brand image

01. Regulatory compliance:

02. Value chain development:

03. CSR & sustainability commitments:

04. Niche market access & price premiums:

05. Environmental business associations:

06. Improved stakeholder relationships:

07. Green marketing tools/communication:

08. Improved brand image:

Communicate how you contribute to positive impacts on forests and ecosystem services

Communicating about  positive impacts on forests and ecosystem services provides environmental messages that resonate with your customers. It also creates an improved understanding of why your business chooses to invest in FSC certification.

This story-telling can take many forms: from an article on your website, a photo story in a brochure, a section in your annual sustainability report, or a video. Take inspiration from these examples. 

This video shows the wealth, beauty and value of the Vietnamese forest “Huong Son”. The story  is inspiring and captivating, and can be shared via diverse media channels.

The magazine below includes an example of green marketing using the well-recognised FSC trademarks, an eye-catching photo of an emblematic monkey species and messaging that showcases the company’s leadership and environmental commitments.

Please consult the FSC Trademark Use Guide for more guidance and inspiration. 

Ecosystem Magazine


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