Ecosystem services claims for forest managers

Highlight the value of your commitment to responsible forestry.
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Measure your efforts. Showcase your impact

Be recognized for your commitment to responsible forestry with ecosystem services claims from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This pioneering solution empowers you to communicate how you’re making a measurable difference in the fight against some of the biggest challenges of our time, including climate change and biodiversity loss.

Valuing the invaluable

As a responsible forest manager, you know that the true value of forests extends far beyond the economic worth of timber and other products. Their value also includes the immeasurable role they play in supporting life on Earth. Forests provide vital ecosystem services such as: 

  • protecting biodiversity
  • storing carbon 
  • purifying water
  • regenerating soil
  • providing recreation.


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FSC’s ecosystem services claims help forest managers like you quantify the intangible value of your forest with third-party validation.

You can share this data with your stakeholders, showing the holistic, real-world impact of your commitment to responsible forestry practices.

In addition, ecosystem services claims can be used to connect with sponsors in the private sector. As a trusted partner with an extensive certified supply chain network, we can help you find the right match for your project.

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FSC ecosystem services claims advantages

Verifying the impact of your sustainable forestry with FSC gives you: 

  • a framework to measure the true impact of your commitment;
  • verified data to tell an impact story to your stakeholders;
  • potential access to new premium markets for your forest products;
  • the opportunity to attract businesses to sponsor your responsible forestry projects.

It all starts with forest certification

To qualify for ecosystem services claims, your forest must be FSC certified. Our certification programmes are designed so forest managers of all types can benefit from their commitment to responsible forestry.
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Corporate forest managers

 Forest managers must abide by 10 principles to become certified, covering topics like high conservation values to community relations.

Learn more about certification  →
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Community and family forests

We’re constantly working to find ways to make it easier and more feasible for community and family forests to achieve FSC certification.

Learn more about certification  →

Ecosystem services claims in action

Forest managers around the world are verifying their impact with FSC.
Close shot of Cantabrian brown bear / Photographer and videographer from Ukraine

Responsible forestry saves the Cantabrian brown bear from extinction

See how a forest management company and a local conservation association joined forces to protect an endangered bear species in northern Spain.

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Shot of a forest
FSC Italy / Bruno Marić

Ecotourism in Oncol Park: Arauco’s treasure in Chile

See how Oncol is connecting eco-tourism with the protection of important species in the south of Chile.

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Parrots perched on a cliff / OSTILL

Protecting biodiversity in the heart of the Amazon

See how a forestry company certified its commitment to protecting species diversity and improving carbon storage in the forests of Peru.

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Join our ecosystem of certified forests

More than 40 forests worldwide are certified to make verified claims about their responsible forestry practices.

See how you can verify your impact with ecosystem services claims
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Learn more about ecosystem services claims

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