Global Leadership Structure

FSC is led by Director General, Kim Carstensen, who has held the position since 2012.

Kim has a deep background in environmental matters, including managing an environmental strategy consultancy as well as leading WWF International’s Global Climate Initiative.
Portrait of Kim Carstensen

Global Leadership Forum

Under the direction of Kim Carstensen and Chief Operating Officer, Frank Harnischfeger, FSC’s Global Leadership Forum is composed of heads of functional units and regional offices. 

  • Anand Punja, Chief Engagement and Partnerships Officer
  • André Selbach, Head of Finance 
  • Asger Olesen, Chief Climate and Ecosystems Services Officer 
  • Bruno Rath, Regional Director Latin America 
  • Cindy Cheng, Regional Director Asia Pacific 
  • Clare Coleman, Regional Director Europe 
  • Derik Frederiksen, Director FSC US 
  • Fabian Farkas, Chief Commercial Officer
  • Francisco Souza, Director FSC Indigenous Foundation 
  • Frank Harnischfeger, Chief Operating Officer 
  • Guillermina Garza, FSC Membership Director 
  • Hans Joachim Droste, Chief Policy Officer 
  • Jeremy Harrison, Chief Markets Officer 
  • Joanna Nowakowska, System Performance Director 
  • Jose Tagle, Deputy Director Global Network 
  • Kim Carstensen, Director General 
  • Lieske van Santen, Global Network Director 
  • Lina Ramon, Chief Information and Technology Officer
  • Marc Jessel, Chief System Integrity Officer 
  • Mark Smith, Executive Director of FSC Investments and Partnerships 
  • Matthias Fecht, Head of Human Resources and Facility Management 
  • Peter O. Alele, Regional Director Africa
  • Pina Gervassi, Climate and Restoration Engagement Director 
  • Rebecca Giesecke, Head of Organizational Effectiveness 
  • Sebastian Wieschalla, Head of Legal Department 
  • Stefan Salvador, Director Policy Operations 
Forest Background

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