True beauty lies within sustainability
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Put your commitment to forests on display

When you source Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)-certified timber, you give consumers the sustainable solutions they’re looking for, while protecting the integrity of your brand. Your commitment to the health and resiliency of forests will shine through. / Trifonov_Evgeniy
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Consumers want sustainably sourced furniture

More and more people are seeking out furnishings made from sustainable sources, according to a survey* of global consumers:
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Prefer products that don’t harm plants or animals.

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Expect companies to sell wood and paper products that don’t cause deforestation.

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Believe products’ sustainability claims should be independently verified.

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Who recognize the FSC label prefer FSC-certified over non-certified products.

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Take a stand with FSC

Recognized by 56%1 of consumers across the globe, the FSC label sends a powerful message. It says you’re partnering with the organization that sets the standard for forest stewardship. 

I saw firsthand that FSC standards had the best overall outcomes from a forest health and biodiversity standpoint. They also required a great deal of engagement with local communities and focused on creating social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.

David Williams, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Williams-Sonoma

Companies worldwide trust FSC for sustainability

JYSK logo JYSK has been an FSC promotional licence holder since 2011.
Stosa logo Stosa is has been and FSC chain of custody holder since 2012.
Williams-Sonoma logo Williams-Sonoma has been an FSC promotional licence holder certificate holder since 2014.
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99.5% of the wood used for IKEA products is either FSC-certified or recycled.

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How to work with FSC

From local artisans to global corporations, everyone can benefit from FSC.
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Manufacturers that use forest-based materials can obtain FSC’s chain-of-custody certification.

Chain-of-custody certification proves to your supply chain and your customers you’re committed to sustainable sourcing. It verifies you’ve put processes in place to produce and trade FSC-certified products.

Your chain of custody certification allows you to use the globally recognized FSC label on your products, letting customers know your product supports responsible forestry.

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Retailers, brands, and others

Organizations that are not FSC-certified but want to promote FSC-certified finished goods can obtain FSC’s promotional licence. This licence enables you to use the FSC logo in your promotional materials, showing the world your commitment to caring for the health and resilience of forests. More than half of consumers around the world recognize the distinctive FSC logo.

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How FSC-certified wood stacks up

Wood sourced from FSC-certified forests is harvested sustainably, so there is no net loss of forest over time. This allows forests to keep doing their job of regulating the earth’s climate and protecting biodiversity. 

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Wood choices as diverse as the forest

Sourcing responsibly doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or variety. Meet your specific needs with thousands of FSC-certified wood products, including lesser-known timber species that also have environmental, social, and economic benefits.

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Recognizing beautiful sustainability

The FSC European Furniture Awards honour furniture makers and their finely crafted, sustainably sourced wood products. In 2021, we recognized 12 FSC-certified companies for their creative, innovative work in categories that include Home, Office, and Outdoor.

Make a commitment to the forests

Your journey toward sustainable sourcing starts now.

Learn about the process to obtain your FSC certification or licensing.
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See everything FSC brings to the table

Get more information on the value FSC provides furniture companies and their customers.

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* GlobeScan Global Consumer Research, August 2021 - “More and more people are seeking out furnishings made from sustainable sources, according to a survey1” 

1 GlobeScan Global Consumer Research, August 2021