Sourcing wood that will satisfy consumers’ demand for sustainability gives businesses in the furniture sector a distinct advantage. So choose FSC certified wood and wood-based products. As the world’s most trusted assurance of sustainable forest management, backed by leading NGOs and companies as the global gold standard, FSC certification offers unparalleled credentials. It is proof that a business is doing the most it can to ensure forests thrive today and for future generations.

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The benefits of FSC for the furniture sector

FSC is the sustainable forest management solution trusted by businesses and backed by leading NGOs. It proves that a certified business is helping to ensure forests thrive today and for future generations.


icon zero deforestation


Although trees are harvested, there is no net loss of forest over time. 

icon environmental protection


Biodiversity is maintained, and high conservation value areas - including old growth forest - are protected.

icon indigenous rights


Forest inhabitants are consulted and engaged, and cultural rights are maintained

icon workers


Training, safety and decent wages for all workers are assured.


Therefore, when a forest becomes FSC certified, it’s an assurance that all these factors have been considered. That assurance extends to the materials that come from the forest.


  • Artwork risk mitigation

    Sourcing and risk mitigation

    The integrity of FSC’s supply chain is core to everything we do. As FSC grows and the number of chain of custody certificate holders increases, so does the scope for integrity issues to occur. We take these seriously and investigate them thoroughly using certification audit data, manual transaction verification, fiber testing and other methods.

  • Artwork market access

    Market access

    A growing number of countries and regions – including the European Union, USA and Australia – have legislation banning the trade and use of illegally harvested timber and derived products. For FSC, respecting all relevant laws is the first of its ten principles and part of the certification and auditing process. FSC certification vastly reduces the risk of being confronted with illegal timber. Furthermore, national, regional and local governments increasingly reference FSC as one way to comply with their public procurement policies as they seek products that support sustainable forest management.

Promote a sustainable advantage

Consumers value hearing about efforts towards sustainable forest management. Businesses can use the various tools we created to tell the story of their commitment to forests. From market research results on consumer behavior to ready-to-use or editable campaign assets, we have developed a robust marketing platform for our certificate and license holders to get the most of their certification.



Toolkit dashboard certificate holders

FSC Marketing and communications toolkit dashboard of FSC Certificate and License holders.




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FSC is the most trusted sustainable forest management solution

Founded over 25 years ago, FSC provides a mark that shows forests are sustainably managed. With more than 75,000 organizations holding FSC chain of custody certification, FSC is the leading sustainable forest management solution, providing the highest assurance of supply chain integrity from forest to consumer globally.

  1. Trusted by consumers

    9 in 10 consumers1

    Who are aware of FSC are confident that FSC will make improvements towards protecting forests for future generations – fighting deforestation, loss of biodiversity and climate change in the process.    

    8 in 10 consumers2

    who have purchased or recall a purchase of FSC products say an FSC label on a product had a positive effect on their purchasing decision


    1GlobeScan Consumer Insights Survey, 2017. 

    The survey was conducted online using reputable national consumer research panels to recruit respondents in 13 countries with around 800 adults participating from each country. The total sample size for the survey was 10,435 consumers; samples were designed to be nationally representative as far as is realistically possible using online panels

    2GlobeScan Consumer Insights Survey, 2017, specific sample. 

    Out of the total sample size for the survey, this data focuses on the users who indicated they recall a purchase of FSC products. The sample size here is then 3,991 consumers.

  2. Trusted by NGOs

    When we set our standards, we consult with our members, who represent over 1,000 of the world’s foremost environmental, social and economic experts. Our governance is set up in such a way that each group of these experts has an equal say in how we work. That’s why our certification of sustainable forest management has been backed by world-leading environmental NGOs. They believe that when we say forests for all forever, we mean it.


    WWf logo

    “WWF considers FSC to be the most credible and rigorous forest certification scheme currently available to ensure environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable management of forests.”  

    WWF, ‘Responsible Sourcing of Forest Products: The Business Case for Retailers’  

  3. Trusted by big brands

    Maisons du monde logo Blueline office logo Logo Ikea

    “The FSC label with its demanding social and environmental criteria, is the best way to guarantee our customers sustainable forest management.”

    Irina Coupé, Project manager sustainable sourcing, Maisons du Monde 

    “[FSC certification] has raised our profile within our industry and outside it and has definitely added clients to our portfolio. We are also very happy that we can offer our clients the assurance of great quality value and conscience free purchase.”

    Alan Marshall, Managing Director, Blueline Office Furniture 

    "Through our work with wood supply and forestry, at IKEA, we want to improve forestry practices and advance responsible forest management. Working with the FSC today provides us with the most robust system to improve responsible forest management as we are committed to only using wood from more sustainable sources (wood which is FSC certified or recycled) by 2020.”

    Mikhail Tarasov, Global Forestry Manager, IKEA of Sweden 


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