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Our members are essential to shaping our strategies. Joining as a member provides many benefits, including access to our exclusive members' portal.
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Find relevant information on standards and how to implement them, tailored for your needs. Explore the tools we offer to support your work.
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Consumers are increasingly demanding eco-friendly and responsible products. FSC provides many benefits to business, including marketing support.
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Russia Boreal Forest

Impact Stories

Over 300K hectares of one of Europe’s most important untouched forests receives full government protection

Russia is known to be one of the few countries in the world with vast remaining intact forest landscapes (IFLs). These are large areas of connected habitat, free from man-made disturbance that are crucial for mitigating climate change, maintaining water supplies and protecting biodiversity.

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Integrity Stories

Polyprom Group Certificates Terminated

FSC has terminated the trademark license agreements held by the Polyprom Group (Polyprom), a charcoal producer and trader from Ukraine.

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Africa Locals in Forest

Innovation Stories

Continuous Improvement Concept Gets Support in Eastern Africa

The concept of continuous improvement – for smallholders to take incremental steps to gain FSC certification – was recently introduced to FSC eastern African members during a regional meeting.

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Social Media Highlights

"Building with timber can ameliorate climate change, as it produces less greenhouse gas emissions...
fight climate change
We're looking forward to it! Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming podcast series.
Exceptional display by Alison von Ketteler, manager of hashtag#FSC's Ecosystem Service Program at...
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public forests
Great to see our event 'The Value of FSC to Europe's Public Forests' is going well in Prague. Stay...
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I'm the Swietenia Mahogany
Oh, hello there! I'm the Swietenia Mahogany! I can be found in several Brazilian states – for...
Today is World Food Day! October is a great time to forage for forest foods like mushrooms and...
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International Rural Women Day
It’s International Day of Rural Women, and we’re celebrating the integral role rural women play in...
Forest image from below
When we look after forests, we look after our future. #ThursdayThoughts
Cider Gum - MyRoots
Ya! I’m the Eucalyptus gunnii or Cider Gum. I live in the Central Highlands of Tasmania, in southern...
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