Report Unacceptable Activities

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FSC holds there are six unacceptable activities that organizations associated with FSC must avoid: deforestation, destruction of high conservation value areas, illegal logging, human and traditional rights violations, workers’ rights violations and the use of genetically modified organisms.
If you suspect that a corporate group associated with FSC has been involved in unacceptable activities at the forest level or beyond, we want to hear from you. Please download the formal complaint form for instruction on how to submit a complaint.
If we find that any organization in a corporate group associated with FSC has committed destructive activities, swift and strong action will be taken.
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Formal Complaint

Download the formal complaint form to see what information should be provided and the process to follow when submitting a formal complaint against a certificate holder or a certificate holder’s parent, sister or subsidiary company involved in unacceptable forest-based activities / unacceptable activities in the supply chain.