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Future generations deserve all the benefits of healthy and resilient forests.
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Grow your business and support sustainable forestry

We offer sustainable sourcing solutions that support responsible forestry. No matter the size or type of your business, FSC has a certification or licencing solution that’s right for you.

Many companies. One mission.

From family-run businesses to household names, thousands of companies worldwide have joined FSC’s commitment to promoting sustainable sourcing from forests.
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Choose the right FSC certification or licence

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Manufacturers that use forest-based materials can obtain FSC’s chain-of-custody certification

Chain-of-custody certification shows your supply chain and customers that you’re committed to sustainable sourcing. It verifies you’ve put processes in place to produce and trade FSC-certified products. 

Your chain-of-custody certification allows you to use the globally recognized FSC label on your products, letting customers know your product supports responsible forestry. 

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Retailers, brands, and others

Organizations that are not FSC-certified but want to promote FSC-certified finished and labelled  goods can apply to obtain FSC’s promotional licence


This licence enables you to use the FSC logo in your promotional materials, showing the world your commitment to caring for the health and resilience of forests. More than half of consumers around the world recognize the distinctive FSC logo.

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Architects, builders, artists, and other project developers

Obtaining FSC project certification shows your commitment to forest-friendly practices. 

Project certification verifies you’ve put in place a control system that ensures the forest-based materials you use in your project meet FSC standards. You can apply for project certification for all or some of your projects.  

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Forest managers

Forest operators can obtain FSC’s forest management certification, the world’s most trusted mark of sustainable forestry. This certification verifies the forest is managed in a way that is environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, and economically viable. 

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FSC / All wood, paper and natural rubber products are certified
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FSC / All paper and wood products are certified

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Give consumers a forest-friendly choice

More and more people are seeking out products made from sustainable sources, according to a global consumer survey.*
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Prefer products that don’t harm plants or animals.

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Expect companies to sell wood and paper products that don’t cause deforestation.

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Believe products’ sustainability claims should be independently verified.

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Recognize the FSC label;* 77% of these consumers prefer FSC-certified over non-certified products.

* GlobeScan Global Consumer Research, August 2021