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Give consumers the sustainable shopping choices they want.
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Help shoppers find goods that do good

Whether you’re selling in-store or online, FSC can help you guide customers to products that make a difference for forests and people. You have the power to change how people shop for the better. / Thanabodin Jittrong
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FSC / All textile, wood, and cork products are certified
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The FSC label says responsible sourcing

When you make or sell FSC-certified products, you’re showing you’re a true friend of the forests. These sustainable choices are becoming a staple of the modern marketplace and give today’s shoppers exactly what they want.
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of consumers worldwide recognize the FSC label *


companies licenced to promote FSC-labelled products

1 million+

FSC-labelled products available

Give global consumers a forest-friendly choice.

More and more people are seeking out products made from sustainable sources, according to a survey* of global consumers:
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prefer products that don’t harm plants or animals  

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expect companies to sell wood and paper products that don’t cause deforestation

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believe products’ sustainability claims should be independently verified

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recognize the FSC label while 77% of these consumers prefer FSC-certified over non-certified products**

Companies worldwide trust FSC for sustainability

BestBuy logo Best Buy has been an FSC promotional licence holder since 2021.
Denny's Logo Seven & I Holdings has been an FSC promotional licence holder since 2016. Denny's is the most recognized brand within the company's portfolio.
Woolworths Group Logo Woolworths has been an FSC promotional licence holder since 2019.
At Lidl, we work every day in the aim to offer the most sustainable product selection at the best price. Therefore, we highly value sustainable action and the products featured in our Lidl stores reflect that. The Forest Stewardship Council is an important partner on our journey to the most sustainable assortment. Whether for wood and paper products or for cellulose-based packaging, Lidl customers can discover the FSC label on thousands of products worldwide and make their own contribution to the protection of forests by purchasing them.”

Hannah Mittner, CSR Manager, Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG

3 ways to work with FSC

You can help protect the health and resilience of forests in these ways.


Source and sell FSC-certified products

FSC-certified products are verified to be responsibly sourced, which helps protect our forests. Dealing with these goods is a great way to contribute to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals. 


Promote FSC-certified products

Obtaining an FSC promotional license enables you to use the FSC logo and other FSC trademarks in your promotional materials, showing the world your commitment to caring for the health and resilience of forests. More than half of consumers around the world recognize the distinctive FSC logo ***.

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Make it easy to find FSC-certified products online

Retailers and online marketplaces are adding visuals, search filters, and other elements to their shopping experiences to help customers quickly find forest-friendly, FSC-certified products. 

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FSC / Camisole (Mey)

The tree means everything for forests

Our certification labels can be found on millions of everyday products, from furniture and paper products to musical instruments and even tyres. Every label verifies sustainable sourcing that puts forests first.

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Climate Pledge Friendly card

FSC collaborates with Amazon on Climate Pledge Friendly Program

FSC is a proud partner of Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly programme. Now it’s easier than ever for consumers from the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK to shop from over 50,000 FSC-certified products. Organizations with an existing FSC certification or licence can apply for this Amazon programme to help shoppers discover and buy their certified products.

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Make a commitment to the forests

Your journey toward sustainable sourcing starts here. 

Learn about the process to obtain your FSC certification or licencing
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* GlobeScan Global Consumer Research, August 2021 - “56% of consumers worldwide recognize the FSC label” 

** GlobeScan Global Consumer Research, August 2021  

  • “More and more people are seeking out products made from sustainable sources, according to a survey2 of global consumers”
  • “56% recognize the FSC label2” 

***. GlobeScan Global Consumer Research, August 2021