There are thousands of FSC-certified wood products and species to choose from globally. The market wants green buildings. So when sourcing timber, select the timber trusted to provide a built-in sustainable advantage delivering better outcomes for forests, people and businesses.


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The benefits of FSC for the construction sector

FSC is the sustainable forest management solution trusted by businesses and backed by leading NGOs. It proves that a certified business is helping to ensure forests thrive today and for future generations.


icon zero deforestation


Although trees are harvested, there is no net loss of forest over time. 

icon environmental protection


Biodiversity is maintained, and high conservation value areas - including old growth forest - are protected.

icon indigenous rights


Forest inhabitants are consulted and engaged, and cultural rights are maintained

icon workers


Training, safety and decent wages for all workers are assured.


Therefore, when a forest becomes FSC certified, it’s an assurance that all these factors have been considered. That assurance extends to the materials that come from the forest.


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    Wood with a built-in sustainable advantage

    It is projected that the sustainable building market will grow by more than 280 billion US dollars by 2020, driven by environmental concerns and associated regulations.* Wood has excellent thermal insulation properties. It can therefore cut a building’s heating and cooling costs. In addition, producing wooden components can be 24 times less energy-intensive than producing steel. This means building projects can claim lower carbon emissions when wood has been sourced sustainably. All in all, FSC-certified timber makes good business sense, which is something investors will appreciate too. FSC-certified timber is available in engineered forms for long spans, standard conventional uses, decorative finishes and even for tall buildings. From dimensional lumber, cross laminated timber plywood to flooring and hardwood panels, almost any wood building product is available.

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    Risk mitigation

    When FSC is part of a timber procurement policy or a project, it gives the double assurance of outstanding credentials and compliance. FSC is recognized by BREEAM, LEED, the UK Timber Procurement Policy and aligned to the EU Timber Regulations. FSC is the only recognized forest products certification standard for both LEED and Living Building Challenge. Others include Green Star, DGNB and CASBEE.

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 FSC certification and tools can help businesses grow while fighting climate change

Trusted by big brands

Across the globe, leading construction projects are choosing FSC. They know the FSC certification shows their commitment to sustainable building. It’s not just the right thing to do for the planet. It’s the right thing to do for their business.



"ARAUCO proudly displays FSC logos and license information in our merchandising and advertising as a recognizable testament to our own high standard of ethics and best practices."

Kevin Shotbolt, Vice...

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Certified Wood Products Inc.

"Supplying FSC-certified wood demonstrated our commitment, responsibility and proactive involvement in environmental stewardship."

Diane Haugen, Owner, Certified Wood Products Inc.

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