FSC-certified wood strengthens your commitment to sustainability.
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Support forests with FSC-certified timber.

The construction industry has reached consensus: It’s time to adopt more sustainable practices. But simply choosing wood as a building material isn’t enough. Making a real difference means choosing responsibly sourced wood. FSC certification is proven to prevent deforestation that contributes to climate change. / Jui-Chi Chan
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Help build a defense against climate change

The construction materials you use can have a big impact on the environment. Timber is a renewable, recyclable resource that takes 24 times less energy to produce than steel.1 This means less carbon dioxide, which is one of the main contributors to global warming.

When timber is sustainably sourced from FSC-certified forests, there’s no net loss of forest over time. This allows forest ecosystems to continue doing their critical job of absorbing carbon dioxide and regulating the earth’s climate.

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Reinforce your commitment to sustainability

FSC sets the standard for responsible forestry. By sourcing FSC-certified timber, you:

  • Build your brand equity by associating with a symbol of integrity and trust

  • Reduce your operational and reputational risks

  • Communicate to customers your genuine commitment to sustainability

The right FSC-certified material for the right job

FSC-certified timber is available in a variety of styles for many different uses.


Find solid and engineered wood products for long spans, conventional uses, decorative finishes, and even tall buildings. This sustainable material can reduce a structure’s carbon footprint while still measuring up to safety and performance standards. 


FSC-certified timber is available in many different species and lumber grades. Our extensive certified supply chain network makes sourcing FSC-certified wood products a convenient and sustainable choice for your business. 

Interior designers

Wood is a core element of modern design. So sourcing FSC-certified wood with different colours, grain patterns, and textures can enhance a wide variety of interior design styles, while helping forests flourish. 

Workers hand stacking tropical timber
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Get recognized with FSC certification

Many green building initiatives around the world recognize the value of FSC-certified wood. For example, LEED Platinum and Living Building Challenge have an exclusive preference for FSC-certified materials. Other internationally known green building programmes that recognize FSC are:

  • Green Star (Australia)

  • German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB—Germany)

  • Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE—Japan)

  • Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM)

Stacks of timber planks
FSC / Phil Sharp

Tap the potential of lesser-known timber species

Reference the FSC Lesser-Known Timber Species Library to choose less-demanded species that can help relieve the pressure from over-burdened and popular tropical hardwood species.

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Show your commitment to sustainability

When you source FSC-certified timber, you can obtain project certification and the right to use the FSC logo to communicate your commitment to forests.

Let project certification work for you
Project certification is available for virtually any type of new-build or refurbishment, or even exhibitions and festivals.
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1: Confor, written evidence submitted for UK Government Natural Environment White Paper 42, 2011