FSC publishes new e-Training on Forest Management Groups

FSC / Geoff Howe
Person working on a laptop with a FSC sticker
FSC / Geoff Howe
January 31, 2023
Category : General news

FSC has published a free e-training for anyone interested in learning more about FSC forest management groups and their requirements for certification.  

By establishing a group, forest managers can group together and share their efforts – ultimately making it easier to get FSC certified. Through group certification, requirements and audit procedures can be streamlined and overall costs and efforts towards certification are reduced. This tool is especially relevant for community and family forests. 

To support the uptake of group certification and enable more prospective certificate holders to learn the requirements around this feature, FSC is proud to announce its new e-training on forest management groups. The training reflects the latest standard regulating these groups, version 2 of FSC-STD-30-005 Forest Management Groups.  

This e-training is free and presents interactive content in a manner that is accessible to stakeholders with any range of knowledge about FSC certification. It is not just helpful for stakeholders already in the FSC system, like certificate holders, group members or certification bodies, but also for forest managers, forestry contractors, etc. who would like to enter the FSC system by joining or creating a group for forest management.  

Can a group fit your certification needs? Are you interested in learning more about the standard in general? Want to learn best practices for internal monitoring and how this tool fits the needs of small scale, low intensity managed forests? Check out the e-training today! The training is available in English and Spanish and will be released in French later this year.  

Visit here to get started.