Permanent Indigenous Peoples Committee

FSC is committed to working with Indigenous Peoples by upholding their ownership, use, and management rights across their landscapes.
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This commitment is realized through the advisory support provided by the Permanent Indigenous Peoples Committee (PIPC). Set up in 2013 by motion 19, following a decision of the FSC General Assembly 2011, the PIPC’s mission is to make sure that Indigenous voices are heard at the highest levels of FSC decision-making, the FSC Board. The PIPC consists of representatives of Indigenous Peoples from all regions of the world, established to provide advice and recommendations to the FSC Board on Indigenous Peoples’ matters, including Indigenous perspectives on policy and standards. 

Engaging with Indigenous Peoples 

The PIPC advises the Board of Directors on how to enhance the engagement of Indigenous Peoples in FSC-certified forest stewardship. This means reaching out to Indigenous Peoples across platforms. It also means acknowledging the value of Indigenous knowledge, land rights, authority, and traditional practices, and incorporating them into forest management.  

Ultimately, the PIPC assists the FSC Board in helping the original custodians of the land participate in certified forest stewardship so they can increase the market share and value of their forest businesses in ethical, environmentally sustainable, and economically viable ways. 

Regional Representation of the PIPC 

The PIPC shall be represented by the following five regions, each of which is divided into two subregions. 


  • Africa: Anglophone Africa, Francophone Africa 
  • Asia – Pacific: Asia, Oceania 
  • Europe: Europe, Russia
  • Latin America: Central America, South America
  • North America: Canada, USA 
graphic of the PIPC