FSC’s Engagement on the EU Sustainable Products Initiative

FSC / Iván Castro
FSC / Iván Castro
December 1, 2020
Category : General news

FSC has shared its feedback on a new European Union (EU) initiative, which will revise the EU Ecodesign Directive, aiming at making products placed on the European market more sustainable. More info here.


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) strives to support the EU Commission in making products more sustainable and fit for a climate-neutral circular economy. For this, FSC has engaged with the EU Commission to recommend:

  1. including responsible sourcing among the EU sustainability principles (design for sustainability)
  2. employing robust voluntary sustainability standards as a proxy for compliance with the sustainability principles (co-design for sustainability)
  3. raising the bar on voluntary sustainability standards (boosting sustainability)

FSC's response to the EU public consultation can be found below. Should you have any question on the matter, please contact FSC’s EU Affairs & Engagement Manager, Matteo Mascolo, at: m.mascolo@fsc.org

FSC’s Response The EU Public Consultation On The Sustainable Products Initiative

FSC’s Response the EU Public Consultation on the Sustainable Products Initiative.pdf
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