Tree BnB – a Place for Everyone

Welcome to our Tree BnB, a place to relax and enjoy the lush biodiversity in each single tree.

We are introducing a platform for trees to showcase their talent as hosts for countless species. From roots to canopy, trees support life in all its shapes and forms: crawling, flying, or climbing. You just need to know where to look! Some creatures visit trees for food, some come looking for shelter, and some don't ever leave.   

We asked animals if they had anything to say about their tree hosts and the services they provide. They had plenty to share! Many creatures left reviews for their favorite trees, so make sure to visit each Tree BnB profile page to check them out. You will need their professional opinion to guide you through the maze of leaves and tree hollows.  

A word of caution: these trees offer the full-service package only in healthy forests. If you decide to visit one of the BnBs, go to an FSC-certified forest, where the biodiversity is preserved, and vulnerable species are protected.

Ash tree

Ash Tree BnB

Dine with the Norse gods at the Ash tree BnB

Greetings from the North; I'm Ash. Or is it Common Ash or Fraxinus excelsior? Please excuse me... You see, I have had many names in my hundreds of years on Earth.

Banyan profile

Banyan BnB

Figs and more at the Banyan BnB

Hi, I'm the Banyan Tree, I guess you could say I'm a diplomat of sorts, being India's national tree and all. My fancy official name is Ficus benghalensis, one of the largest...

Baobab tree

Baobab BnB

Remedy and go, at the Baobab BnB

Hello young ones, have you ever heard of me? I am the Adansonia digitata, better known as the Baobab. You can find me in 31 countries across Africa, my native continent, where...

Kapok tree

Kapok BnB

Raise the sky at the Kapok BnB 

Ba'ax ka wa'alik? I am Kapok, also known as Ceiba pentandra. I played an essential part in the prehispanic history of Mexico. The Mayans called me Ya'ax'che. They believed that...

Mahogany beach

Big-leaf Mahogany BnB

Reach new heights at the Big-leaf Mahogany BnB

Hola! Sit down below my branches, and let us get better acquainted. I am the Big-leaf mahogany, or the Swietenia macrophylla, to be precise. I was born when...