Our Position on Topics Relevant to the FSC System

FSC’s position papers are short essays that present our position and/or approach on a given topic relevant to the FSC system. We strive to adhere to an evidence-based approach in our framing of the issue and subsequent approach and/or recommendation(s). Please find a list of papers below.

FSC Forests
FSC GD / Arturo Escobar

Forest plantations

FSC supports the responsible management of plantations and the products derived from harvesting activities in these areas as a strategy to complement conservation and the sustainable use of natural forests.

Indigenous peoples

FSC actively supports indigenous peoples’ rights.

Illegal logging

FSC does not accept illegal logging or illegal timber trade in its system.

Supply chain fraud in Vietnam

FSC does not tolerate any form of consumer deception involving fraud by businesses that hold FSC certificates.

Deforestation, high conservation value forests and intact forest landscapes

FSC certification plays a critical role in the preservation of high conservation value forests in countries where governance is poor.

Controlled Wood and FSC Mix

Any business that holds an FSC certificate must commit to the strictest standards currently governing responsible forest management to be able to sell its products with an FSC label.

Clear cutting

FSC understands the public sensitivity and general opposition to the forestry practices of clear cutting, also known as regeneration felling.

Certification bodies’ / certificate holders’ transparency

FSC is a non-governmental organization that sets the policies and standards to promote responsible forest management globally.