FSC Representation Around the World

The Forest Stewardship Council International (FSC International) consists of the entities FSC Asociación Civil (FSC AC), FSC International Center GmbH (FSC IC) and FSC Global Development GmbH (FSC GD). FSC GD and FSC IC are subsidiaries of FSC AC. FSC has a number of regional offices, sub-regional offices and independent national offices around the globe. There are a number of local FSC offices across the world. If you would like to find out more about a specific local office,  please visit the relevant website using the list below. 

FSC Forests
FSC GD / Milan Reska

Contact details

  1. Africa

    FSC Africa

    Address: Number 22, Krishna Pointe Apartments, Riverside Lane, Nairobi

    Contact: h.kojwang@fsc.org

    Website: www.africa.fsc.org/en-cd

    FSC Congo Basin


    Contact: b.tchikangwa@fsc.org 

    Website: www.africa.fsc.org/en-cd 



    FSC Southern Africa

    Address: 15 Whipstick Crescent, Moreleta Park, 0181 South Africa

    Contact: m.moodley@fsc.org

    Website: www.africa.fsc.org

    FSC Uganda

    Address: PO Box 2743, Kampala, Uganda

    Contact: edward.mupada@gmail.com

    Website: www.africa.fsc.org/en-cd

  2. Asia-Pacific

    FSC Asia Pacific

    Address: c/o WWF Hong Kong, 15/F, Manhattan Centre,8 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong

    Contact: asiapacific@fsc.org

    Website: www.blogapac.fsc.org

    FSC Australia

    Address: Level 1, 458 Swanston Street, Carlton, VIC, 3053, Australia

    Contact: info@au.fsc.org

    Website: www.au.fsc.org/en-au

    FSC China

    Address: Rm.A-306, Building 4, Beijing Inn, Dongcheng District, 100010 Beijing, China

    Contact: info@cn.fsc.org

    Website: www.cn.fsc.org/cn-cn

    FSC Greater Mekong - Thailand


    Contact: asiapacific@fsc.org

    Website: www.blogapac.fsc.org

    FSC Greater Mekong - Vietnam


    Contact: vu.queanh@fsc.org

    Website: www.blogapac.fsc.org

    FSC India

    Address: 10th Floor, WeWork Hebbal, RMZ Latitude, Hebbal,  Bengaluru 560024 India

    Contact: a.deshpande@in.fsc.org


    FSC Indonesia

    Address: Jl. Jati Raya Utama II/4, Semarang 50267, Indonesia

    Contact: info@id.fsc.org

    Website: www.id.fsc.org/id-id

    FSC Japan

    Address: 2-18-5 Okamoto, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 157-0076 Japan

    Contact: e.maezawa@jp.fsc.org 

    Website: www.jp.fsc.org/jp-jp

    FSC Malaysia

    Address: Suite 12A-1, Level 12A, Tower 1, Wisma Amfirst, Jalan Stadium SS7/15, 47301, Kelana Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

    Contact: info@my.fsc.org

    Website: www.my.fsc.org/en-my

    FSC New Zealand

    Address: Level 1, 458 Swanston Street, Carlton, VIC, 3053, Australia

    Contact: c.kenney@nz.fsc.org

    Website: www.nz.fsc.org/en-nz 

  3. CIS-Countries

    FSC Belarus


    Contact: l.fedorovich@by.fsc.org

    FSC Russia

    Address: Golyanovskaya d. 3A, corp. 3, office VI, room 2, 105094, Moscow, Russia

    Contact: mail@fsc.ru

    Website: www.ru.fsc.org/ru-ru

    FSC Ukraine

    Address: Generala Rodymceva str. 19, office 116, 03041, Kyiv, Ukraine

    Contact: p.kravets@ua.fsc.org

    Website: www.ua.fsc.org/ua-ua

  4. Europe

    FSC Europe

    Address: 25 Emlbridge Drive, Ruislip, Middlesex, HA4 7UZ, United Kingdom

    Contact: a.punja@fsc.org

    FSC Belgium

    Address: Interleuvenlaan 62 Bus 28 - 3001 Heverlee (Leuven)

    Contact: info@fsc.be

    Website: www.fsc.be/nl-be

    FSC Czech Republic

    Address: Kounicova 299/42, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic

    Contact: info@czechfsc.cz

    Website: www.czechfsc.cz/en/

    FSC Denmark

    Address: Ferdinand Sallings Stræde 13, 3., 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

    Contact: info@fsc.dk

    Website: www.dk.fsc.org/dk-dk 

    FSC Estonia

    Address: Kastani 42, 50410 Tartu, Estonia

    Contact: info@ee.fsc.org

    Website: www.ee.fsc.org/ee-ee

    FSC Finland

    Address: Kuortaneenkatu 1, 00520 Helsinki, Finland

    Contact: info@fi.fsc.org

    Website: www.fi.fsc.org/fi-fi 

    FSC France

    Address: 5, Rues de Bernus, 56 000 Vannes, France

    Contact: aurelien.sautiere@fsc-france.fr

    Website: www.fr.fsc.org/fr-fr 

    FSC Germany

    Address: Merzhauser Str. 183, 79026 Freiburg, Germany

    Contact: info@fsc-deutschland.de

    Website: www.fsc-deutschland.de/de-de 

    FSC Italy

    Address: Via Ugo Foscolo, 12 - 35131 Padua (PD) Italy

    Contact: info@fsc-italia.it

    Website: www.it.fsc.org/it-it 

    FSC Latvia

    Address: J. Asara iela 12a-21, Riga, LV 1009. Latvia

    Contact: i.kruze@lv.fsc.org

    Website: www.lv.fsc.org/lv-lv/

    FSC Lithuania


    Contact: a.pivoriunas@lt.fsc.org

    Website: www.lt.fsc.org/lt-lt 

    FSC Luxembourg

    Address: 1, rue Collart, L-8414 Steinfort, Luxemburg

    Contact: fsclux@pt.lu

    Website: www.lu.fsc.org/fr-lu 

    FSC Netherlands

    Address: Wilhelminapark 37, 3581 NJ Utrecht, The Netherlands

    Contact: info@fsc.nl

    Website: www.fsc.nl/nl-nl

    FSC Poland

    Address: Verde, Karolina Tymorek, ul. Kluczborska 9/12, 01-461 Warsaw, Poland

    Contact: fsc-polska@pl.fsc.org

    Website: www.pl.fsc.org/pl

    FSC Portugal

    Address: Rua Mestre de Lima Freitas nº 1, 1549-012 Lisboa Portugal

    Contact: geral@pt.fsc.org

    Website: www.pt.fsc.org/pt-pt 

    FSC Spain

    Address: C/ Alcalá 20-2a Planta. Oficina 202, 28014 Madrid, Spain

    Contact: informacion@es.fsc.org

    Website: www.es.fsc.org/es-es

    FSC Sweden

    Address: St. Olofsgatan 18, 75311 Uppsala, Sweden

    Contact: info@fsc-sverige.org

    Website: www.se.fsc.org/se-se 

    FSC Switzerland

    Address: Neustadtgasse 9, 8402 Winterthur, Switzerland

    Contact: info@fsc-schweiz.ch

    Website: www.ch.fsc.org/de-ch 

    FSC United Kingdom

    Address: The Billiard Room, Town Hall, Great Oak Street, Llanidloes, Powys, SY18 6BN, United Kingdom 

    Contact: info@fsc-uk.org

    Website: www.fsc-uk.org/en-uk

  5. Latin America

    FSC Latin America

    Address: Calle Inclán 235 Oficina 215 , Miraflores, Lima - Perú

    Contact: b.rath@fsc.org


    FSC Argentina


    Contact: e.carabelli@ar.fsc.org


    FSC Bolivia

    Address: Calle Ñuflo de Chavez No. 623, Zona Caso Viejo, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

    Contact: f.aguilar@bo.fsc.org

    Website: www.bo.fsc.org/es-bo

    FSC Brazil

    Address: Rua Cubatão, 436 – Conjunto 11 – Vila Mariana 04013-001 - São Paulo - SP - Brasil 

    Contact: info@fsc.org.br

    Website: www.br.fsc.org/pt-br

    FSC Chile

    Address: Aníbal Pinto 215, Oficina 505,Concepción, Chile

    Contact: r.massai@cl.fsc.org

    Website: www.cl.fsc.org/es-cl

    FSC Ecuador

    Address: Edificio de las Cámaras, República y Amazonas, Piso 7, Quito - Ecuador

    Contact: cefove@ec.fsc.org

    Website: www.ec.fsc.org/es-ec

    FSC Guatemala

    Address: 7a Avenida 6-80, zona 13, Guatemala

    Contact: ongua@fsc.org

    Website: www.centralamerica.fsc.org/es-ni/guatemala

    FSC Honduras

    Address: Edificio ICF, Frente Aparthotel Pico Bonito, Caretera Ceiba Tela, La Ceiba Atiantida Honduras

    Contact: n.polanco@hn.fsc.org

    Website: www.centralamerica.fsc.org/es-ni/honduras

    FSC Mexico

    Address: Nohbec, Municipio Felipe Carillo Puerto Q, Roo Mexico CP

    Contact: mexico@fsc.org

    Website: www.mx.fsc.org/es-mx

    FSC Nicaragua

    Address: Carretera a Masaya. De la segunda entrada del Colegio Teresiano, 1 Cuadra al Este, Casa No/ 130, Managua, Nicaragua

    Contact: conicefv@ni.fsc.org

    Website: www.centralamerica.fsc.org/es-ni/nicaragua

    FSC Peru

    Address: Av. Del Pinar 152 oficina Chacarilla Surco, Lima, Perú

    Contact: fsc@fsc.org.pe

    Website: www.pe.fsc.org/es-pe

  6. North America

    FSC Canada

    Address: 240 Richmond Street W, Toronto, ON M5V 1V6, Canada

    Contact: info@ca.fsc.org

    Website: www.ca.fsc.org/en-ca 

    FSC United States

    Address: 212 Third Avenue North Suite 504, Minneapolis, USA

    Contact: info@us.fsc.org

    Website: www.us.fsc.org/en-us 

GIS map

Our interactive GIS maps make it easy to identify and visualize data relating to important aspects of the FSC system such as certified forests, international membership and regional presence.


  1. Can I apply for certification by contacting my local FSC office?

    FSC offices or representatives do not issue certificates. To obtain certification, interested applicants must contact an independent certification body. FSC offices and representatives can assist in obtaining contacts to certification bodies operating in a specific country.

    To learn more about how to become certified, please follow this link.

  2. Which regional classification is used to assign FSC entities to different regions? What is the basis for the creation of sub-regional offices?

    FSC uses its own classification of regions, based on the organizational needs and the nature of FSC operations in different parts of the world. Currently FSC has regional offices in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America.

    Sub-regional offices are established based on needs including, for example, the need for development or providing support to the operations in a given sub-region.

    Currently FSC has sub-regional offices in the Congo Basin, East Africa, South Africa and Central America.