Oso pardo or Cantabrian bear

The Cantabrian brown bear – one of the last native bear species in western Europe – is in danger of extinction. In its home region of Asturias in north-west Spain, the Asturian Wildlife Protection Fund (abbreviated as ‘FAPAS’ in Spanish) is improving the bear’s habitat to preserve the...

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The BBC recently reported on allegations against the Korindo Group (Korindo) concerning its oil palm operations in Indonesia. The report referenced the action taken by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) following the FSC Policy for Association complaint made against Korindo in 2017. It...

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Through this initiative, Amazon is helping to transform the global market for FSC-certified products and helping to protect the world’s forests for generations to come.

A group of scarlet macaws flock on the side of a rock wall

The FSC Ecosystem Services Procedure has helped Maderacre verify its positive impacts on biodiversity and carbon, supporting the protection of the most iconic tropical rainforest in the world.

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By Kim Carstensen, Director General, FSC.

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