Two advice notes related to core labour requirements published

FSC / Jonathan Perugia
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FSC / Jonathan Perugia
June 6, 2023
Category : Standards

FSC published two advice notes regarding core labour requirements in the chain of custody standards.

  • ADVICE-40-004-23 & ADVICE-20-011-16, Evaluation of contractors against the FSC core labour requirements: applicable to certification bodies and certificate holders that outsource activities within the scope of their certificate to non-FSC certified contractors.
  • ADVICE-40-004-24 & ADVICE-20-011-17, Evaluation of FSC core labour requirements using FSC-approved verification schemes: applicable to certificate holders and certification bodies, specifying instructions to follow when using FSC approved verification schemes.

These two advice notes can be found in the Document Centre here: FSC-DIR-40-004 and FSC-DIR-20-011.