New Forest Stewardship Standard for Argentina

Emilio White
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Emilio White
June 18, 2024
Category : General news

FSC is pleased to announce the official publication of the new FSC Forest Stewardship Standard for Argentina. The standard becomes effective on 1 October 2024. 

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The standard is applicable to all categories of Management Units operating in native forests and plantations, applies to small and low intensity managed forests and includes non-timber forest products. In addition to productive management, it is applicable to conservation and forest restoration management. 

Forests are important for the national economy of Argentina due to the social, environmental and economic benefits it provides.  This includes of 1.3 million hectares of forest plantations and 28 million hectares of native forests, of which more than 80% correspond to the Tropical Climate Region (FAO FRA 2020). 

Forests in Argentina face a critical situation, with an annual loss between 164 and189 thousand hectares due to deforestation (FAO 2021, SAT 2023), which places the country among the most affected by this problem in the region, particularly in the Gran Chaco region.     

In this context, the FSC Forest Stewardship Standard (FSS) emerges as a key tool to promote positive changes in the forestry sector, as FSC promotes responsible forest management based on ten principles covering from maintenance of High Conservation Values to respect for the rights of Indigenous People, communities, and workers; providing fair and safe working conditions, as well as monitoring environmental and social impacts. 

The new FSC Forest Stewardship Standard for Argentina will come into effect on October 1, 2024, and represents an important step forward in FSC's commitment to promote sustainable forestry practices in the country.  The development process for this first revision of the standard began in 2015 and focused on:  

  • the adaptation to the FSC Principles and Criteria of version 5;  
  • the inclusion of indicators specifically adapted for landowners who manage small forest areas and also those who do low intensity forest management;  
  • the inclusion of indicators related to the rights of Indigenous and Traditional Peoples;  
  • reaffirms the commitment and efforts to end deforestation and promote conservation and restoration in the country.  

The standard development group consisted of a highly committed, chamber-balanced group of national professionals with extensive experience in the various areas of the forestry sector. The standard development group conducted the revision following a multi-stakeholder process involving companies, NGOs and social actors, including representatives of Indigenous People, communities and small landowners. The new standard was subject to field testing and two 60 day consultation periods.  With this standard as a practical tool, FSC certification offers a credible, rigorous and globally respected pathway to sustainable forest management. 

For any queries on the standard, please contact Esteban Carabelli, FSC Argentina National Director: or Visit FSC Argentina's homepage. for more related news. 

The FSS for Argentina (Spanish version) can be consulted in the FSC Document Centre.