FSC streamlines its requirements with publication of revised procedure for international standard setting

FSC / Milan Reška
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FSC / Milan Reška
January 3, 2023
Category : General news

With the publication of the revised standard setting procedure for international requirements, FSC takes an important step in streamlining the normative framework and implementing the FSC Global Strategy. The requirements become effective on 01 January 2023.  

The FSC-PRO-01-001 V4-0 Procedure for Development and Revision of FSC Requirements specifies how international FSC requirements are developed, reviewed and revised. The procedure makes the standard setting process more agile and effective while maintaining the credibility of the FSC system.  

The revised procedure lays the foundation for improving the quality of FSC normative requirements. The procedure provides for innovative engagement approaches with stakeholders. One update to engagement includes high level involvement of stakeholders early on around key topics, where stakeholders will have the opportunity to provide direction and input to the process even before working groups are established and drafting is initiated. With more targeted engagement practices, consultations will be more effective resulting in higher quality documents. Additional new concepts introduced in the procedure will facilitate normative requirements to be simpler and more outcome oriented.  

The revised requirements were approved by the FSC Board of Directors in November 2022. The process was a culmination of a series of engagement and outreach activities undertaken by FSC.  The FSC Board of Directors have guided FSC on how to phase in the procedure to ongoing processes and will closely monitor the implementation of the revised procedure. FSC will publish a Normative Framework Schedule that informs about the ongoing and planned processes in 2023 and 2024 and associated engagement opportunities.  

FSC would like to take this opportunity to thank the working group who have worked to revise the procedure together.  

If you are interested in learning more about the procedure and how you can engage with development and revision of normative requirements, you can access the procedure here. To learn more about the development process of the procedure, visit the process page here. Webinars about the implementation of the procedure will be announcement shortly; stay tuned!