FSC Forest Carbon Monitoring Tool Ready for Use

FSC Spain / Fernando de Antonio
Wide angle shot of a foggy forest
FSC Spain / Fernando de Antonio
September 1, 2020
Category : General news

FSC forest management certificate holders now have a customized, cost-effective and practical tool at their disposal to calculate forest carbon.

FSC has launched its forest carbon monitoring tool. This Microsoft Excel-based tool provides FSC forest management certificate holders with a cost-effective, practical and robust solution to assess carbon stocks and fluxes related to responsible forest management. Based on inventory data and management practices, forest managers can use the tool to calculate the tons of carbon that are stored in their forest and – if desired – include a simulation for the future changes in carbon stocks.

Huong Son, Vietnam Carbon Measurement

This tool can also be used by FSC forest management certificate holders who are applying the FSC Ecosystem Services Procedure (FSC-PRO-30-006) to demonstrate the positive impacts of their forest management on carbon in order to access ecosystem services markets and/or other benefits. Forest managers can use the tool to estimate forest carbon stocks across the entire management unit and – assuming a positive result – get verification for ecosystem services claims ES2.1: “Conservation of forest carbon stocks” and ES2.2: “Restoration of forest carbon stocks”.

After an assessment of existing forest carbon tools in 2013, a need was identified for a new tool that integrates the various types of forest management activities, such as afforestation/reforestation, forest management and management of conservation areas. The FSC forest carbon monitoring tool was developed by consultancy firm UNIQUE forestry and land use GmbH.

The development of the forest carbon monitoring tool included the involvement of multiple carbon experts and a round of pilot testing involving both small and large-scale forest managers in various types of forests. To facilitate the use of the forest carbon monitoring tool, a user manual has been created.

Both the forest carbon monitoring tool and the user’s manual can be accessed via the ecosystem services for forest managers webpage.