Rewarding The Preservation Of Ecosystem Services

Forest managers can follow the seven steps of the Ecosystem Services Procedure to demonstrate the conservation or restoration of ecosystem services. Once these impacts are verified by an FSC-accredited certification body, the forest manager can use ecosystem services claims to promote the forest and attract rewards.

FSC Forest Management
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Pilot testing the Ecosystem Services Procedure

The FSC Ecosystem Services Procedure has been pilot tested at more than 12 sites in eight countries. During the pilot testing process, forest managers provided evidence of impacts, which was assessed by FSC-accredited certification bodies according to the rules of the procedure. The following sites have had positive impacts on ecosystem services verified during pilot testing. These sites were assessed according to different versions of the draft ecosystem services procedure. All sites have to be re-assessed against the final approved version of the procedure:


Pilot site

Ecosystem service

Approved ecosystem services claim

Pt Ratah Timber, Indonesia 

Carbon sequestration and storage

In this forest, carbon is maintained through reduced impact logging.

Biodiversity conservation

In this forest, the diversity of terrestrial mammal and bird species is maintained.

Lombok, Indonesia

Watershed services

In this FSC-certified forest, water has been protected through the maintenance of forest cover.

Comunidad Nativa Bélgica, Peru

Biodiversity conservation

In this FSC-certified forest, forest cover is being maintained and native species diversity is being conserved.

Huong Son, Vietnam

Carbon sequestration and storage

FSC-accredited certification body, GFA Certification, has verified that forest carbon stocks are being maintained in this FSC-certified forest.

Cuenca Río Mechaico, Vieille, Chile

Watershed services

In this FSC-certified forest, watershed services are being restored through the implementation of enhancement measures aimed at improving water quality.

Bosques Cautín, Chile

Biodiversity conservation

In this FSC-certified forest, medicinal plants are being maintained for traditional use by Mapuche Indigenous Peoples.



FSC-GUI-30-006 - Guidance for Demonstrating Ecosystem Services Impacts
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Template Ecosystem Services Certification
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