The EUDR is a reality

FSC / Marius Čepulis
FSC is committed to making it a success
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FSC / Marius Čepulis
June 28, 2023
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The landmark EU anti-deforestation Regulation (EUDR) entered into force 29 June 2023. The EUDR provisions will become applicable as of 30 December 2024.

FSC has supported the development of the EUDR since the beginning, and is now ready to work together with the EU Commission, EU Competent Authorities, NGOs, and businesses to make it a success.

What is the EUDR?

The EUDR prohibits placing or exporting products in/from the EU market that do not comply with its legality and sustainability requirements. Companies must conduct due diligence to ensure that the products they source are legal and are not linked to land that has been deforested or degraded after 31 December 2020. The EUDR's main goal is to reduce the EU's impact on global deforestation by promoting the consumption of ‘deforestation-free’ products.

How can FSC support?

FSC brings nearly 30 years of experience in employing a market-based approach to tackle deforestation and degradation. With its sustainability requirements covering both environmental and social aspects, FSC certification already provides a strong foundation for businesses to build on to meet their EUDR duties.

Robust certification schemes such as FSC cannot be used to exempt companies from their due diligence obligations; at the same time, FSC can be key in supporting them to assess and mitigate risks in their due diligence duties in a systematic and cost-effective way.

As a system in constant evolution committed to tackling forestry challenges, FSC has partnered up with leading tech companies  to harness cutting-edge innovations, such as blockchain, to enable traceability and geo-location of FSC-certified products.

How is FSC engaging on the EUDR?

FSC has engaged in the EUDR since its inception. As a member of the EU Commission EUDR multi-stakeholder platform, FSC is working to detail traceability obligations, as well as protecting indigenous peoples and empowering smallholders.

Before the EUDR came into force, FSC arranged a webinar focusing on the EUDR & FSC, and held an in-person event "Wood You Find It" in April 2023 in Brussels where almost 200 key actors and decision-makers came together to discuss how to effectively deliver on the geo-location and traceability requirements.

As the countdown to the implementation of the EUDR begins, FSC will release more information and organise opportunities to engage further in its work to support effective implementation by business as well as enforcement by Competent Authorities.

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