FSC Suspends Timber Trader in Netherlands for False Claims

FSC / Iván Castro
FSC / Iván Castro
July 9, 2020

Houthandel Houtvisie from Bergambacht has been removed from the FSC system by FSC and is no longer allowed to sell FSC-certified timber. Houtvisie was found to pass false claims to customers several times within a short period, meaning non FSC certified wood was sold as FSC certified wood.

The false claims involved deliveries of tropical hardwood to the civil engineering sector. Arjan Alkema, deputy director of FSC Netherlands: “Wood was offered to a project where the customer was assuming to be contributing to responsible forestry through the FSC system. However, he received wood that was falsely claimed to be FSC certified so the sustainability claim was not valid. This is completely unacceptable. Furthermore, falsified FSC timber is often cheaper than legitimate FSC timber, leading to unfair competition.”

FSC takes strong action against fraud and false claims, as the integrity and credibility of the FSC system is a key priority. False claims that are identified are investigated and the strongest possible actions are taken to re-address the false claims. FSC will continue to take immediate action against any organization that produces and sells products with a false FSC claim.