The textiles industry is rapidly adopting renewable materials for  clothing, bed linen, among other products. Man-made cellulosic fibres (MMCFs) are derived from wood and represent one of the fastest growing fibres in the last decade. These fibres include viscose, modal, and lyocell. FSC Forest Management certification is an important tool to tackle the growing portion of uncertified MMCFs while preventing deforestation, preserving biodiversity and safeguarding Indigenous People’s rights. While the FSC Chain of Custody standards aim to maintain integrity of certified material throughout the supply chain from forest to final product.


FSC Solutions

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FSC chain of custody certification provides a credible assurance that products which are sold with an FSC claim originate from well-managed forests, controlled sources, or reclaimed materials.
FSC Labels
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FSC labels can be found on millions of products around the world from toilet rolls to your favourite book, to that milk carton in your fridge, and other food products. What does the label mean? Simply put by choosing products with FSC labels, you are helping to take care of the world’s forests. Each label provides information about the origin of the materials used to make the finished and labeled product.
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As awareness of the importance of sustainability increases, there is a growing trend in selecting ethical and sustainable products. As a result, many companies see value in promoting the fact that their packaging or products are FSC-certified. Consumer research shows that people trust FSC to protect forests, and that there is value in associating a brand or product with FSC.

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By joining FSC, your company pledges to protect forests through responsible forestry. FSC-certified labeled products signify that the certified material has kept its integrity from forest to final product. Brands, designers, manufacturers, and retailers can strengthen their CSR strategies and communicate their sustainability efforts more effectively to end consumers. According to the recent FSC GlobeScan Global Consumer Research 2021, seven in ten shoppers feel motivated to buy a product when they see the FSC label.


Fashion Forever Green Pact

The Fashion Forever Green Pact is a call for the fashion industry to take immediate action to ensure responsible sourcing on behalf of the world’s forests. Currently, more than half of MMCFs are sourced from uncertified forests. Brands, manufacturers, retailers, and designers are therefore invited to join this initiative to commit to sourcing FSC certified MMCFs.


FSC's Recommendations on the EU Strategy for Sustainable Textiles

Among the initiatives stemming from the European Union (EU) Green Deal, the EU Commission will soon table a new EU Strategy for sustainable textiles. FSC has responded to the public consultation and shared its recommendations. 

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When virgin forest fibres are required, Canopy advocates for sustainable sourcing certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, the most rigorous forest certification system available.

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FSC strengthens traceability and confirms sustainable forestry practices for those producers who have already achieved a “green shirt” in Canopy’s Hot Button Report

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Fashion Forever Green Pact - Introduction

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Webinar : Forests and Fashion


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FSC-certified forests have environmental, economic and social benefits.

As the world’s most trusted sustainable forest management solution, FSC labelling tells customers that the materials used originate from sustainable and legal sources.

Download the brochure on the ‘Value of FSC for Textiles’ to find out more about the benefits of FSC for fashion brands and the world’s forests. 

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How does FSC intend to generate social, environmental and economic benefits on the ground?

Seen on thousands of product labels around the world, the FSC trademarks – most recognisably the famous FSC logo – are trusted by ethical consumers worldwide.