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A balancing act: Urgent action vs. Verified data

As the world grapples with the climate crisis and biodiversity loss, it’s time for bold, decisive action.  

The private sector plays a crucial role in advancing sustainability, not only within their own operations but also through support for responsible forestry initiatives. However, the pressure on companies to act has intensified, and they must back all actions with high-quality, credibly verified data to prove real-world impact.  

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Unite in the forest fight

Forests: Our best defense and unlikely ally as we prepare for the fight of our lives 

Why now?

The climate crisis and biodiversity loss are interconnected and require immediate action. Crossing the 1.5°C temperature threshold marks a critical point between manageable challenges and catastrophe. It’s time to act now, and fast.


million hectares of forests lost since 2016


projected rise in emissions by 2030*


increase in companies committing to ambitious climate targets**

One solution battling dual crises

Forests have been quietly tackling the crises and are often overlooked for their potential.

Sustainably managed forests are one of the few solutions that effectively address both the climate and biodiversity crises. They capture and store carbon, with many FSC-certified forests that have verified their impact seeing carbon-storage capacity rising by 17% over a management cycle. Forests are also home to a diverse array of species, including 80% of the world's amphibians, 75% of our birds.  

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The undervalued ecosystem services in the forests

Companies that directly or indirectly contribute to unsustainable forestry practices face increasing scrutiny, with greenwashing practices being exposed.  

The reality is, the undervalued ecosystem services that forests provide hold the key to our sustainable future.  

It’s through these services that forests are able to battle the biggest global crisis of our time – the climate crisis and biodiversity loss. And it’s why savvy companies are supporting responsible forestry.  

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Unlock high-quality, verified data with FSC

We’re developing our Verified Impact solution to unlock high-quality, independently verified, data-driven claims about responsible forestry projects. This upgrade to our Ecosystem Services Procedure, allows you to report transparently, demonstrate your positive impact, and share your achievements through data-led storytelling. 

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"Unite in the forest fight" blog series

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Forest Background

Become a forest steward

We all have a role to play in protecting the future of our forests. Learn how you can join the FSC
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Join the Ambassadors of the Forest

With forests fighting hard on the frontline of the climate crisis and biodiversity loss, supporting sustainable forestry is one of the best first-lines of defense your business can take. 

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*UN For a livable climate: Net-zero commitments must be backed by credible action. https://www.un.org/en/climatechange/net-zero-coalition  

** We Mean Business Coalition Annual Report 2022 https://www.wemeanbusinesscoalition.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/WMBC-Annual-Report-2022.pdf