Why forests matter for biodiversity

Life on earth depends on thriving forests
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Responsible forestry is about more than just trees

Biodiversity is the variety of life on earth that allows humanity to thrive. It is the very foundation of our economy and lives. But we’re losing this biodiversity at an alarming rate, threatening life as we know it. Forests are home to the majority of terrestrial wildlife and plant species. As such, responsible forestry is a fundamental tool to tackle biodiversity loss and safeguard our planet for future generations.

A study conducted by WWF in Madre de Dios, Peru, showed that 'concessions certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) have a greater richness of species such as amphibians, insects, and monkeys than non-FSC logging concessions … [and] surveys found that densities of large and medium-sized animals in FSC-certified logging concessions were similar to or even higher than in protected areas.'

World Wildlife Fund (Managing Forests, Supporting Wildlife Report, 2019)

Responsible forestry in action

See how our initiatives are preserving forest ecosystems around the world.
Cheetah crouching in the grass
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Protecting the cheetah

In Namibia, FSC certification is helping the Cheetah Conservation Fund restore habitat for a vulnerable species.

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King vulture perched in a tree
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King vultures thrive in the Yucatán

Step into the forests of Ejido Nuevo Becal to see how responsible forestry helps protect one of the continent’s largest and most threatened vulture species.

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Conserving bat habitats in Appalachia

A public-private partnership shows how responsible forestry can protect wildlife habitat in a working forest.

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Proven solutions for helping forests flourish

Protecting plant and animal species is one of the most important goals of responsible forest management. FSC solutions support biodiversity in forests around the world.
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New tools for measuring and verifying biodiversity protection

We have developed new tools that help forest managers measure and verify the biodiversity protections provided by their FSC-certified forests.

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Productive collaboration

We have an established history of convening diverse economic, environmental, and social interests in a way that facilitates real change. We’re putting this experience to use developing collaborative and practical solutions for protecting plants, animals, soil, and other natural systems.

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A balanced framework

Our proven framework balances the economic, environmental, and social value of forests.

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A simple way for consumers to get involved

Consumers want to protect forest biodiversity but often don’t know how. The globally recognized FSC label empowers consumers by helping them identify and purchase products that originate from responsibly managed forests.

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Helping forest managers measure biodiversity

“Ecosystem services” is a term used to describe all the benefits humans derive from nature. Our ecosystem services procedure equips forest managers with a framework to measure and verify the benefits their forests provide, like biodiversity protection. 

In the heart of the Amazon rainforest, FSC ecosystem services is helping forest operator Maderacre monitor and protect 135 species in their forest area. 

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Lottery Company Bets on a Biodiversity-Restored Area in France
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Good Forestry Saves the Cantabrian Brown Bear from Extinction
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Woodland Caribou at Heart of Special Forestry Partnership in Canada
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Become a forest steward

We all have a role to play in protecting the future of our forests. Learn how you can join the FSC
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