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FSC Latvia/ Aidas Pivoriūnas
Build support for your projects with FSC-certified, forest-based materials.
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FSC Latvia/ Aidas Pivoriūnas
Worker building a wooden foundation / sculpies

Understanding project certification

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) project certification shows that the forest-based materials you use come from FSC-certified sources. This certification lets builders, architects, artists, and others use FSC trademarks to showcase their commitment to sustainable forestry.

The advantages of FSC project certification

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You can make a real difference by having your projects certified by FSC, the world’s most trusted forest certification organization.

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Your projects will become more attractive to environmentally conscious customers and investors.

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Our logo is recognized by 46%* of consumers worldwide.

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Your brand can benefit by associating with a symbol of integrity and trust.

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We have tools and resources to help you bring your sustainability story to the world.

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There’s a wide selection of FSC-certified wood and forest-based materials available.

Project certification with built-in flexibility

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FSC project certification is designed for organizations and projects of all sizes. Qualifying projects include:

  • new buildings
  • renovations
  • civil engineering projects, such as timber bridges
  • event infrastructure, such as concert stages and stands at trade fairs
  • art and decorative objects including statues and sculptures
  • transport vehicles, such as boats and other maritime vessels


Additionally, you can choose from different types of certification, including:

  • one-time project certification
  • certification that applies to all future projects with continuous certification


And make the following claims:

  • full-project certification
  • claims on specific components of a project
  • percentage-claim certification

Dig deeper into project certification

For details on all the project certification options, download the FSC Standards for Project Certification.

View the standard
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worker hammering a wooden foundation / sculpies

FSC sets the foundation for green building

Many green building programmes around the world recognise the value of FSC-certified wood and FSC project certification. For example, LEED Platinum and Living Building Challenge have an exclusive preference for FSC-certified materials. Other internationally known green building programmes that recognise FSC are:

  • Green Star (Australia)
  • German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB – Germany)
  • Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE – Japan)
  • Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM)
The Pavilion is an exemplar of the many benefits of building with sustainably sourced timber. It’s lightweight and was quicker, cleaner, safer and simpler to build as almost all the components were prefabricated offsite, meaning it arrived like a giant kit of parts. Using timber instead of a concrete superstructure reduced embodied carbon by 56%, and aesthetically it makes for an iconic landmark building and publicly accessible lookout over the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford. In line with Lendlease Europe’s procurement policy, all the timber came from sustainably managed forests that support the lives of local people and workers, having achieved full Chain of Custody Certification from the Forest Stewardship Council.
We look forward to building more FSC certified timber buildings on our journey to Absolute Zero Carbon by 2040.


Project certification roadmap

To begin the project certification process, contact your local FSC team. They can provide the specific details for your region and help get you started. 


Source FSC materials

You can find North American suppliers at Build with FSC. For all other regions, send an email to


Choose an FSC-accredited certification body

Only independent, third-party, accredited certification bodies can conduct audits and provide the certification for your organization.


Collect supporting documents

Gather all the information needed to prove that you meet the necessary requirements.


Complete an assessment

Your certification body will conduct an assessment to validate your conformance with FSC requirements.


Receive approval

Once your conformance is validated, your project certificate is issued.

Ready to get certified?

Your local FSC team is here to guide you through the project certification process.

Find the FSC team in your country or region
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FSC / Julián Manrique

See the overall impact of our trademarks

Using our trademarks can help you make a name for yourself in sustainable building. As a certificate holder, you’ll have rights to use five FSC trademarks in your promotional materials.

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* Ipsos Global Consumer Recognition Study, June 2023