Hobbies, Sports and Recreation

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Your favorite activities can play a role in protecting forests
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Discover FSC-certified products

Find equipment and products that can make your past-times forest-friendly
Woman reading a book
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FSC-certified paper is being used by publishers worldwide to print books, from well-loved classics to exciting new reads.

Jenga FSC certified

Games and Puzzles

FSC-certified wood and cardboard are used to make Jengas and a variety of board games, yard games, and puzzles – including their packaging.

Picnic scene with paper cups, plates and cutlery. FSC / All wood, packaging, paper and nut products are certified (excluding blanket and watermelon)
FSC / All wood, packaging, paper and nut products are certified


Picnic or barbecue items like plates, glasses, bowls, spoons, forks, straws, paper napkins or even baskets are available in FSC-certified materials.

Garden hand trowel and fork standing in soil in a garden
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All kinds of tools for your garden can come with an FSC-certified wooden handle and materials.

Ask your employer to support
FSC / All paper and wood products are certified

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