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Forest-friendly fashion makes everyone look good.
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Support fashion brands that support forests

Clothing and accessory companies around the world are taking a stand for the environment. They’re using fibre and natural rubber from sustainably managed forests where deforestation is prevented, biodiversity is protected, and human rights are respected. When you buy FSC certified products from these companies, you’re sending a clear message: Forests matter.

Thousands of brands are FSC certified. Here is a selection of products from a few of them.


This global lifestyle brand innovates with naturally derived materials to make better footwear and apparel products. See some of our favourites below or check out more of Allbirds’ FSC-certified products for women and men
Navy Blue Allbirds women’s tree runners

Women’s tree runners

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Blue Allbirds Tree Dasher 2

Men’s Tree Dasher 2

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Multicolored women’s Trail Runners

Women’s Trail Runners SWT

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Grey men’s Tree Skipper shoes

Men’s Tree Skippers

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Red Tree Toppers shoes

Women’s Tree Toppers

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Multicolored men’s Staple Dashers shoes

Men’s Staple Dashers

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JBS of Denmark

JBS of Denmark is inspired by the minimalistic style of the Nordic culture. The lifestyle, design, and architectural influences found within the clothing reflect the Danish approach to the environment, sustainability, and cosiness. See FSC-certified fashions from JBS of Denmark below, or shop for more here. 
Navy blue sweatshirt


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Navy blue dressing gown

Dressing gown

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Black print t-shirt

Print t-shirt

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Dark grey tracksuit bottoms

Tracksuit bottoms

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Black undershirt


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Black jersey dress

Jersey dress

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MASAI blends classic styles with abstract patterns and prints inspired by nature, art, and architecture. The first ever Dutch fashion brand to become FSC certified, MASAI recently launched a collection featuring viscose made from wood fibre. See a selection of those items below, or the entire collection here.
Woman modeling multicolored Dobra blouse

Dobra blouse

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Woman modeling multicolored Jossla jacket

Jossla jacket

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Green and black checkerboard patterned scarf

Along scarf

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Woman modeling multicolored print Pamel trousers

Pamel trousers

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Woman modeling black print Nydia jersey jumpsuit

Nydia jersey jumpsuit

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Woman modeling multicolored losetta shirt dress

Iosetta shirt dress

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Mey manufactures high-quality underwear, beautiful lingerie, and comfortable loungewear for women and men. It sees sustainability as a pillar that secures the company’s long-term success. Find Mey products that use FSC-certified viscose below and in the women’s
Woman modeling multicolored print pajama shirt

Pajama shirt

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Man modeling blue short pant

Short pant

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Man modeling blue long-sleeved shirt

Long-sleeved shirt

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Woman modeling multicolored patterned yoga pants

Yoga pants

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Man modeling blue t-shirt


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Woman modeling yellow night shirt

Night shirt

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