FSC Publishes the Interim National Standard of Cuba

FSC / Milan Reška
FSC / Milan Reška
September 7, 2021
Category : Standards

The interim national standard (INS) of Cuba was adapted to the national context considering the diverse environmental, social, and geographical conditions of forest and plantations in the country and will be effective on 15 December 2021. 

The INS of Cuba (Spanish version only) can be viewed in the FSC Document Centre.  

The INS of Cuba can be used for the certification of rough wood for all types of organizations working in all types of forests in Cuba, including small and low-intensity managed forests (SLIMF). 

After an extended consultation process with local experts, this new standard pays particular attention to the identification of Indigenous Peoples or any who self-identify as indigenous. As a result, the indicators related to the identification of rights of Indigenous Peoples were included. In addition to supporting Indigenous Peoples, the standard will contribute to promote responsible forest management, while protecting workers' rights and contributing to livelihoods, income generation and local employment. The new Cuban INS is a tool to contribute to the conservation of natural ecosystems and wildlife habitats including threatened and endangered species and protect water sources in managed areas. 

In the end, thanks to this process, forest owners and managers will have access to a provisional national FSC standard for Cuba, with which forest management unites in Cuba can now obtain FSC certification. 

The INS is based on the FSC Principles and Criteria (V5-2) and the international generic indicators (IGIs). Soil Association Certification Limited performed the adaptation process and stakeholder consultation. FSC approved the INS on 30 August 2021.  

Please contact the FSC team working on national standards in forest management by email at nationalstandards@fsc.org with any questions.