FSC ends disassociation with HS Timber Group

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November 2, 2021

The decision comes after a 4-year programme to improve HS Timber Group’s operations and resolve the social and environmental issues that led to FSC expelling HS Timber Group from its system in 2017.

(02 November 2021) Bonn Germany – The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) today announced its decision to end the disassociation from Austrian timber giant, HS Timber Group (formerly known as Holzindustrie Schweighofer).  

The decision was based on the findings of an independent verification that concluded that HS Timber Group had fulfilled the requirements outlined in the FSC Conditions Framework, a document that defined the conditions for ending disassociation.  

FSC disassociated from HS Timber Group in 2017 following violations of FSC’s Policy for Association. Disassociation meant that HS Timber Group lost its FSC certification and the right to use FSC trademarks. HS Timber Group sought to end its disassociation from FSC and committed to taking the necessary actions and measures to achieve and address the harm caused.  

The results of the independent verification showed that HS Timber Group has successfully implemented improved due diligence procedures that enhanced timber traceability and transparency within its supply chain, thus significantly reducing the risk of illegal timber entering the system.  

Details of the independent verification, history of the case and other resources related to HS Timber Group can be found on this website page.  

As a voluntary certification scheme, FSC has the responsibility and commitment to treat all companies equally. FSC is open to working with all companies which demonstrate compliance with its Standards and Policies. The HS Timber Group case is a clear example of how FSC can influence positive change in the forests and timber trade industry by engaging with companies during the roadmap process and promoting their progress and growth towards higher and stricter standards.  

By giving disassociated companies the chance to correct and remedy their past detrimental activities, FSC ensures that the social and environmental harm caused by companies is addressed, driving positive impacts in the world’s forests and the people that depend on them. 

For more information about the case, reasons for disassociation the decision to lift disassociation, please read the following frequently asked questions (FAQ).


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