Dalhoff Larsen and Horneman re-association process concluded

Person handwatering small plant
December 21, 2017

Dalhoff Larsen and Horneman’s (DLH) probationary period with FSC is over, and DLH’s disassociation from FSC has been fully lifted, after DLH satisfactorily fulfilled all of the conditions defined by FSC.

FSC barred DLH from its system in February 2015 when an impartial complaints panel concluded DLH had been involved in illegal timber trade in Liberia.

At this time, FSC defined a set of conditions that, if satisfactorily fulfilled, would end disassociation and allow DLH to apply again for FSC certification. These conditions included third-party verification of DLH’s due diligence systems and compensation for affected communities.

By December 2015, DLH had already shown significant progress towards fulfilling the conditions set by FSC. FSC therefore decided to allow DLH back on a probationary basis. This probation was lifted today, concluding DLH’s full re-association process.