Focus on forests in the fight to combat climate change / Pakhnyushchyy
Low-angle shot of a forest canopy / Pakhnyushchyy
November 2, 2021
Category : General news

A message by FSC International’s Director General Kim Carstensen on the recent Declaration on forests and land use at COP26.

FSC welcomes the Declaration issued by 105 countries at the Glasgow CoP26 meeting, stating their commitment to work together to halt and reverse the loss and degradation of the world’s forests.

The focus on protection and sustainable management of forests is a crucial element in any solution to the world’s climate crisis. Without increased efforts to protect forests, it will not be possible to meet the ambition of the Paris Agreement to hold the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2°C.

The Declaration is not the first of its kind, but it is positive to see it come out as the first specific result of CoP26, in particular since it includes participation from a majority of the countries of the world, including most of the important forest countries. It is also important that countries from all parts of the world have agreed to the Declaration.

The Declaration commits the participating countries to work together to build resilience and enhance rural livelihoods, including through empowering communities and recognising the rights of Indigenous Peoples. These are crucial elements of success for any forest initiative going forward.

Based on the Declaration, forest protection and sustainable forest management must now become a central part of all efforts to combat climate change. FSC certification of forests, including certification by Indigenous Peoples of their territories, can be an important part of the solution going forward. FSC stands ready to work with governments, businesses, Indigenous Peoples and interested stakeholders to help meet the ambition of the Declaration.