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USA_Conserving habitat for threatened bats on timberlands in the heart of Appalachia
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FSC, the gold standard for sustainable forestry

Trusted by nonprofit organizations, individuals, businesses, and governments, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sets the world’s most rigorous standards for sustainable forest management.


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FSC-certified wooden brush with FSC 100% Label
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What does FSC label stand for?

Our “check tree” label can be found on millions of products and stands alone as the most trusted mark for responsible forestry. Recognized by 46% of consumers worldwide1, it verifies sustainable sourcing from forest to consumer.

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Choose FSC when shopping to help protect forests.

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See how you can be part of the FSC’s forest steward community.
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ll packaging, textile and cork products are certified (exclude the vegetables)

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Many of the items we use every day are made from forest materials. You can help ensure responsible forestry and a healthier planet by choosing FSC-certified products when you shop.

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A donation to FSC empowers us to raise awareness and promotion forests that are managed in ways that are ecologically responsible, socially beneficial, and economically viable for generations to come.

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 Why is forest sustainability important?

The world needs forests. They clean the air we breathe and filter the water we drink. They give us the resources to build our homes and provide many essential day-to-day products. Forests also play a vital role as a natural carbon-capture mechanism.

Caring for forests means caring for the creatures that live within and around them. Life is dependent on forest sustainability.  

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Caribou in Canada
Jeremie Leblond-Fontaine
Bukta forest, Lithuania
FSC_ Jonathan Perugia
FSC_ Jonathan Perugia
FSC Canada

Forest management: A key to forest sustainability

With a growing global population, we increasingly need forests. Sustainable forest management allows us to meet our needs without compromising our forests or the health of future generations.

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