Solid Wood

Wood is a wonderful material: beautiful to look at, easy to work with, renewable, recyclable, carbon-efficient, low-energy and high-performance. FSC-certified timber is a strong pillar for more sustainable timber industries, such as construction and furniture. Not only does FSC certification ensure the use of environmentally-appropriate forest management practices in the production of wood, but it is also increasingly useful for companies participating in the green building industry, as well as helping ensure compliance with changing timber regulations and meeting increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly options.

FSC Solid Timber
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FSC Construction
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The construction industry is the largest buyer of timber products. The sector therefore influences the type of timber in demand and helps to increase the amount of sustainably-sourced material used. Rating systems, such as the USA’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM), provide credits – and thus, market incentives – for FSC-certified products. Selling responsibly is a focus area of construction firms' environmental policies and FSC's license holders acknowledge how important it is for their customers to know that products are sourced without causing harm to the environment.

FSC certified furniture
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When choosing furniture, today’s shoppers are increasingly more interested in responsible sourcing than traditional purchase drivers like product quality. According to FSC’s latest global consumer research surveying 12,000 consumers across 15 countries, the top purchase motivators for wooden products and furniture are protecting animals and plants and sourcing from sustainably managed forests. In fact, 86 per cent of consumers try to avoid products that damage biodiversity and about seven in ten want to choose products that do not contribute to climate change. Furniture companies who want to showcase their credible sustainable sourcing and demonstrate their responsible forestry commitments to their customers should choose FSC. (Source: FSC/GlobeScan Global Consumer Research 2021) 

Tropical Timber Brazil
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Tropical timber

Certification and responsible management increase economic value to forests, helping to secure them for future generations.

Approximately 12 million hectares of natural tropical forest are FSC certified. As the biodiversity hotspots of the world, tropical forests are home to millions of species, and are vital to the survival of indigenous peoples. 

FSC certification can offer forest managers in the tropics financially competitive alternatives to unsustainable practices, illegal logging and land conversion for cattle ranching, biofuel production, or other land uses.


Is your business interested in the benefits FSC can provide?

When it comes to forest-based products, FSC certification is the sustainable choice you can trust to deliver better outcomes for forests, people and markets – today and for future generations.

FSC certification can help companies meet legislative requirements while improving market access, increasing revenue and showcasing your sustainability policies.

FSC is the certification of choice for thousands of businesses worldwide. Why should you join us?

  •     FSC is endorsed by big brands in businesses and by NGOs;
  •     FSC is the global gold standard in forest certification; and
  •     We provide an inclusive platform to engage stakeholders.