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As the leader in sustainable forestry, FSC® is trusted by NGOs, businesses, and consumers worldwide to protect healthy, resilient forests for all, forever. 
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Forests connect us all

They sustain life on earth. They provide the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide shelter for plants and animals. Life as we know it depends on forests.  

Our purpose: nurturing responsible forestry so forests and people can thrive. / Bilanol
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We’re guided by a vision for a world where the true value of forests is recognized by all

Today, we’re the leader in sustainable forest management, operating the world’s most rigorous and trusted forest certification system.

Our “check tree” label is found on millions of products worldwide, verifying sustainable sourcing from the forest to store shelves. Forty-six per cent of consumers around the globe recognize our label*.

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We’re expanding the value of certification.

Certification is just one way we put the sustainable forestry standards at our core to work. In partnership with a diverse ecosystem of stakeholders, we’re developing new solutions focused on: 

  • Responsible Sourcing: Helping businesses work with forests responsibly 
  • Conservation: Maintaining and enhancing forest value 
  • Restoration: Accelerating forest recovery 

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FSC certified forest in Brazil
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We do more than talk about sustainable forestry. Our initiatives create healthier, more resilient forests worldwide. 

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150+ million

certified hectares of forest 


individuals and organizations from 93 countries who make up our governing body


certifications verifying sustainable sourcing 


companies licenced to promote FSC-labeled products 


of consumers globally recognize the FSC label



FSC / Milan Reška

Why forests matter

Healthy and resilient forests are the first line of defence against the climate and biodiversity crises. Learn how sustainable forestry supports thriving forests and why stewardship is more important than ever.  

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Every forest has a story

Click on each tree to explore FSC certified forests around the world and learn how our initiatives protect forests and people.
FSC UK becomes FSC’s first local network partner office, followed by FSC Netherlands and FSC Germany.
The world’s first FSC-labeled product, a wooden spatula, is sold in Sainsbury’s UK.
Riga protects its urban green spaces
The urban forest surrounding the Baltic states’ largest capital becomes FSC certified.
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56+ million
Hectares of FSC-certified forest in Europe.
FSC welcomes the new EU Deforestation-free Regulation (EUDR)
With its sustainability requirements covering environmental and social aspects, FSC provides a strong foundation for businesses to build on to meet their EUDR duties.
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Italy becomes the first country in the world to certify the benefits of forests.
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FSC chain of custody certifications in Europe grow 7 per cent and now exceed 23,000.
Celebrating forests on World Music Day
To mark the intertwined connections of forests and culture, FSC Portugal put a fado performance on stage using guitars made entirely of FSC-certified products.
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FSC Norway opens, becoming FSC’s 30th local network partner.
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Maintaining integrity during war in Ukraine
FSC Ukraine has worked tirelessly, sometimes while hiding in bomb shelters, to reduce illegal logging and meet the escalating and changing needs of this sector.
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FSC launches a Balkan languages website to serve the former Yugoslavia countries.
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FSC’s first Standard Development Group established in Sweden.
FSC launches presence in the United States, followed by Canada in 1998.
64+ million
Hectares of FSC-certified forest in North America.
Managing forests for bats in Appalachia
Responsible forestry is helping vulnerable bat populations recover.
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FSC US launches its Ambassador Program featuring professional athletes, social media influencers, policymakers.
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Martin Guitar introduces first FSC-certified, plastic-free acoustic guitar
The one-of-a-kind 00L Earth guitar is more than an instrument, it’s a call to action to end climate change.
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FSC US and FSC Canada launch e-commerce experience to help people find and buy FSC-certified products.
The Skokomish Indian Tribe becomes the fourth indigenous tribe in the US to earn FSC’s forest management certification.
Upholding indigenous peoples’ rights
FSC Canada stands with indigenous groups in their fight for Free, Prior and Informed consent laws.
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FSC is recognized by Ecotrust as leader in climate-smart forestry.
Good news for caribou in Canada
FSC Canada’s caribou conservation standards are at the center of recovery efforts in Northeastern Alberta.
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Increase in awareness of FSC in the US between 2017–2021.
Hectares of degraded forest land to be restored in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.
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FSC launches presence in Japan and China.
FSC reaches APAC certificates milestones: over 10,000 CoC certificates in the region.
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FSC’s “Tree Detective” make the news.
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FSC welcomes Thai Government’s support on certifying rubber under FSC certification scheme.
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FSC officially opens Korea office.
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1.8billion+ publications - Japan Post chooses FSC-certified paper for its iconic New Year's postcards. 
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Australia sees it first FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard.
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Protecting rare and endangered wildlife on Borneo Island 
FSC certificate holder PT. Ratah Timber is protecting vulnerable animal populations in Indonesia.
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FSC APAC partners with UN-REDD Lower Mekong Initiative.
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Full project FSC-certified: Warak Kayu Microlibrary completed in Semarang Indonesia.
Major South African retailers put forests first
Two of the largest retailers in South Africa, Spar Group and Pick'n Pay Retailers, have joined in the fight for sustainable forestry. 
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Forests for all, forever in Gabon
The Gabonese government announces that 100 per cent of the country’s managed forest concessions will become FSC certified.
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9+ million
Hectares of FSC-certified forest in Africa.
Watershed restoration
120 per cent gained volume of water within one year of intervention in South Africa.
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Hectares of certified forests to be restored in Namibia.
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Interview: Wildlife thrives in Gabon’s FSC-certified forests
Meet the filmmakers exploring the impact of FSC certification on wildlife in Gabon.
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Certified forest growth
FSC forest management certification in Africa increases by 22 per cent between 2020 and 2022.
FSC Interim National Standard launched for Kenya.
FSC certification surges in the Congo Basin
With the addition of new forest management certifications, over 2.9 million hectares of forest in the Republic of Congo become FSC certified.
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First FSC forest management certification and chain of custody certification issued in Africa.
Where it all began: FSC was originally headquartered in the forested region of Oaxaca, Mexico. 
17+ million
Hectares of FSC-certified forest in Latin America.
Safeguarding the forest for future generations
The Callería indigenous community uses the latest responsible forestry practices to protect the Amazon.
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Implementation Guide for Latin American standards is available.
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Searching for the King Vulture in Ejido Nuevo Becal
Step into Ejido Nuevo Becal and see how responsible forestry creates thriving forests and communities.
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The importance of bamboo in Ecuador
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First certified paper mill
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Falabella becomes the first Chilean retailer to promote certified furniture.
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Iconic Peruvian company uses 100 per cent FSC-certified recyclable packaging.
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Concha y Toro winery earns FSC’s ecosystem services certification.
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FSC Ecuador and FSC Germany team up to promote FSC-certified cardboard.
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The Del Fuerte Company sponsors a forest in Mexico
The trademark license holder partners with FSC Mexico to take the next step in its commitment to sustainable forestry.
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Protecting forests and people around the globe

We’ve certified more than 150 million hectares of forest worldwide. 

These forests are diverse. They range from tropical to boreal and are managed by global corporations, governments, local communities, and private owners alike. The one thing they all have in common: They meet FSC’s rigorous standards for responsible forest management.  

Explore FSC-certified forests

Explore FSC certified forest

Use the map to find the forests where we’re making a difference with FSC certification.

We protect the world’s oldest ecosystems using the latest technology

 Close-up of wood texture / duncan1890

We’re using isotopes and DNA testing to trace any piece of wood to within a 10km radius of the forest it came from.

Wood identification →
Satellite roaming around the moon / janiecbros

We’re harnessing the power of satellite data to help auditors monitor forest health and proactively detect threats.

Earth observation →
Person checking information on a phone / PeopleImages

We’re pioneering the use of blockchain to ensure certification compliance at every step of the supply chain .

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Allies for the forest

FSC is a trusted partner to some of the world’s leading environmental organizations, and together, we’re working to ensure thriving forests worldwide. 
 WWF logo World Wildlife Fund was a founding member of FSC in 1995 and continues to support FSC’s mission.
Sierra club logo Sierra Club was a founding member of FSC and has been an active international member of FSC since 1995.
The Borneo Initiative logo The Borneo Initiative has been an active international member of FSC since 2014.
The Nature Conservancy logo The Nature Conservancy has been an active international member of FSC since 2001.
Rainforest Alliance logo Rainforest Alliance was a founding member of FSC and has been an active international member of FSC since 1995.
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FSC / All paper and wood products are certified

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Forests are global, and so are we. With a presence in 70 countries, we’re taking responsible forestry worldwide.

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*Ipsos Global Consumer Recognition Study, June 2023