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FSC / Milan Reška
Upwards shot of tree in forest in spring
FSC / Milan Reška

Transparency is an important part of keeping the integrity of the FSC system. From investing in GIS technology to providing a public certificate search, we work towards transparency through an ever-expanding range of tools. There is always room for innovation, and we are continually improving in this crucial area in accordance with our Global Strategy.  

FSC in Numbers

Our facts and figures provide a helpful way to see the growth in the global forest area certified to FSC Principles and Criteria, as well as the global supply chain certification growth.
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Total Certified Hectares


CoC Certificates


FM/CoC Certificates


Promotional license holders


Member countries


Years of existence

FSC on the Map

Map of World

Our interactive GIS maps make it easy to identify and visualize data relating to important aspects of the FSC system, such as certified forests, international membership, and regional presence. 

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FSC / Original TALL Wellington Boots (Hunter Boots)

Find a Certificate

Looking for a specific certificate holder, or want to check in on the status of a certificate? FSC has a searchable certificate database – take a look here! 

Certificate information is updated and available on our FSC Certificate Public Dashboard. The dashboard is provided via Microsoft’s Power BI Platform (see Microsoft’s Privacy statement) via the following link: FSC Certificate Public Dashboard

A list of Accredited Certification Bodies is available on the Assurance Services International (ASI) website. 

You can also search for: 

Digital Audit Reports

Why Write Digital Audit Reports?
We are introducing digital audit reporting to the FSC system in 2022. This will enable us to appropriately access audit data and easily identify trends and impacts of certification, as well as spot risks and act appropriately in a timely manner.
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