FSC revisits integrity of bamboo supply chains

CEFOVE / FSC Ecuador
tall shoots of bamboo in bamboo forest
CEFOVE / FSC Ecuador
June 30, 2022

FSC is launching a new transaction verification loop (TV loop) on FSC-certified bamboo in association with Assurance Services International (ASI).

This TV loop is initiated proactively due to integrity risks identified in bamboo supply chains and refers to the investigative process established by FSC and ASI to identify certificate holders with non-conformities, especially false claims.

With this TV loop, FSC and ASI will be revisiting the FSC-certified bamboo supply chain for a third time. The first phase of the TV loop – TV data collection and analysis – will include FSC-certified bamboo (Phyllostachys spp.) from 23 countries, including 425 certificate holders. Many of these certificate holders are from China. Along with natural bamboo, various bamboo-based products will be included in the TV loop due to their high value and visibility in the market.

Several European stakeholders have alerted ASI about potential false claims being made by certificate holders trading in bamboo. FSC and ASI have also been monitoring FSC-certified bamboo supply chains owing to the outcomes of the previous TV loop conducted in 2017-18 and subsequent actions taken by FSC in 2021.

The results of this TV loop on FSC-certified bamboo will highlight risks found in the supply chains of product types included in the scope. Certificate holders who show non-conformity with FSC’s certification standards will face suspension or termination of their certificates. In addition, FSC may block companies with serious non-conformities; their trademark licenses will be revoked, and they will not be able to seek recertification until the blockage is lifted.

Certificate holders identified for this TV loop will be informed by their certification bodies in the coming months. The preliminary results from the data collection and analysis phase will be announced in the first quarter of 2023.

For more information about blockage, visit page 30 of this document.