The Controlled Wood Strategy is now available

April 29, 2019
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The Controlled Wood Strategy is now Available

The FSC International Board of Directors approved the controlled wood strategy on 30 April 2019

After an extensive process, involving FSC members, public consultations, surveys, and two global meetings, we are pleased to present the finalized controlled wood strategy.

This document provides a vision and overall aim for the future of FSC Mix and the controlled wood used in its production. The overarching goal, aligned with the FSC Global Strategic Plan, is to increase FSC forest management certified forests and increasing impact on uncertified forests. This will lead to a decrease in reliance on controlled wood.

The strategy contains four core objectives:

More certified forests

We have increased the area of FM certified forest across all forest types. We also have mechanisms to reduce reliance on non-certified material over time.

Continuous improvement, assurance and decisions through data

We have strengthened supply chain integrity and credibility through the adoption of appropriate technologies and systems to deliver transparency, traceability and assurance of FSC products and claims.

As a data-driven organization, we collect verifiable data for understanding and impact monitoring impact through time. The data is shared and used to inform decision making, and to report to stakeholders.

Impact on non-certified areas

We influence non-certified forests by collaborating with governments and other decision makers. We work in partnership and strategic alliances with like-minded organizations to scale up our impact.

Improved communication

We communicate transparently, truthfully and comprehensively about controlled wood, mixing, FSC Mix, and FSC 100% to achieve truth in labelling.

And four enabling objectives:

  1. Certification toolbox
  2. Streamlined requirements
  3. Regional relevance
  4. Value from sustainable forest management

The core objectives have actions associated with them in the strategy document, while the enabling objectives are part of other, existing workflows in FSC, and therefore do not have actions in the document.

The next step in the strategy process is to develop the implementation plan to turn the actions in the controlled wood strategy from ideas to reality. The group responsible for developing the implementation plan will include members of the FSC secretariat, network partners, and board of directors’ members, and will be working on developing the plan in the coming months. All parts of the implementation plan will be aligned with the Global Strategic Plan and other ongoing work in FSC.

We extend our thanks to everyone involved in the process of creating the controlled wood strategy. Through their hard work and dedication, we are able to deliver this vision that will help shape the future of FSC.

Download the strategy below.

2019 Strategy for FSC Mix products and controlled wood

Strategy for FSC Mix products and controlled wood 29-04-2019
PDF, Size: 462.11KB
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