Simple actions can protect forests for all, forever

Calling all forest stewards

Creating thriving, resilient forests takes all of us. With a few simple actions, you can do your part to fight climate change, protect biodiversity, and improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and indigenous communities around the world. 

Here are five ways you can practice forest stewardship every day.

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Packaging with FSC labels
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Check for the tree

Our certification labels can be found on millions of everyday products, from furniture and paper products to musical instruments and even tyres. Every label verifies sustainable sourcing that puts forests and people first.

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Shop forest friendly

Many of the items we use every day are created and packaged using forest materials. You can reduce the stress put on forest resources by choosing FSC-certified products when you shop.

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Stay informed

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Connect with FSC

Follow us on social media and share our story to help us grow the FSC ecosystem. Every new forest steward brings us one step closer to fulfilling our mission of protecting forests for all, forever.

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Get your company involved

Forest stewardship isn’t just for individuals. Here’s how you can turn your company into a force for our forests.
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Does your company make or sell products containing forest materials like wood, paper, fibre, or natural rubber? Take a stand for the health of our forests by becoming FSC certified.

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Even companies that don’t make or sell forest-based products can make a difference. Encourage your company to support sustainable forestry by sourcing FSC-certified products. Making the switch to FSC-certified products like printer paper and other office supplies isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for business too.

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If your company invests in corporate social responsibility initiatives, consider sponsoring a forest project. Through FSC’s ecosystem services claims, you can sponsor a project that protects or restores biodiversity, carbon storage, and more—while receiving verified evidence that your sponsorship made a measurable difference.

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