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Namibian forests are home to a rich biodiversity and are fundamental for both grazing species and livelihoods of local communities, but are under threat from bush encroachment and desertification. Explore Namibian forest projects with verified ecosystem services below and consider incorporating them into your climate strategy today.

Central and North Namibia: Protecting the savanna’s biodiversity

The savannas of Central and Northern Namibia host a wide range of emblematic and important species, as well as communities that live and depend on them. CMO, the forest steward leading this work, is committed to restoring these forests by preventing bush encroachment and invasive species from degrading the ecosystems.

Main achievements of this project:

  1. 72,230 hectares of savannas intervened
  2. 1,408,643 hectares of certified forests to be restored
  3. Prevention of further desertification in the regions

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Become a forest steward

We all have a role to play in protecting the future of our forests. Connect with one of these projects and contribute to global climate action.

Connect with one of these projects and contribute to the global fight against the climate and biodiversity crisis.
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