Circularity starts with Responsible Sourcing

Overconsumption fuels a triple crisis—climate change, biodiversity collapse, and social inequity. Embrace a circular economy to reduce waste and enhance product and supply chain sustainability.

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FSC paper products

Choose FSC on your transition to bio-based sourcing

Circular business models are integral to transitioning from fossil-based materials to bio-based ones. Businesses can share their commitment to responsible sourcing of bio-based materials with the FSC 100% and FSC MIX labels. Or can further certify that their products are made using 100% reclaimed or recycled content under the FSC RECYCLED label.

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Consumer demand for recycled and recyclable products

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are changing their purchase preferences based on sustainability1 

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try to buy products packaged with renewable materials such as paper instead of plastic2 

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consider it important, or very important, that manufacturers use recycled materials in their products3 

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expect information about sustainability to be certified by an independent organization2 

FSC-certified paper notebook

Meet your circularity goals with FSC

FSC’s RECYCLED label tells shoppers that the forest materials used to make a product are 100% recycled or reclaimed. This means no new resources were extracted from forests, alleviating pressure on these ecosystems in a way that also advances circularity goals. 

FSC ensures supply chain transparency and adherence to environmental and social standards, putting businesses in the best position to help comply with sustainable forestry regulations and meet stakeholder expectations.

FSC© / All paper and wood products are certified
FSC Package Delivery
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Bukta forest, Lithuania
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A small label making a big impact

An FSC label signifies that a product supports responsible sourcing. FSC RECYCLED products not only help protect the world’s forests by easing the strain on virgin material sources, they also reduce the amount of waste going to landfill sites.  

Forest Background

Become a forest steward

We all have a role to play in protecting the future of our forests. Learn how you can join the FSC
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