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Sustainably sourced natural rubber is in demand

With FSC-certified natural rubber, you’re giving environmentally conscious consumers what they want. But providing sustainable natural rubber is also a win for your company and the health of our forests. / BartekSzewczyk
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Rubber that’s better for forests and people

Natural rubber is an environmentally friendly choice, but only if it’s sourced sustainably. When natural rubber comes from uncertified forests, there is a risk that it contributes to deforestation and human rights abuses.

FSC certification is a proven tool for solving these challenges. It verifies that companies at every step of the supply chain are committed to the environment and improving people’s lives. The FSC logo on the products you make or sell will show the world that you’re part of this commitment.

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Sustainable rubber is a natural choice

See how FSC helps the rubber industry verify sustainable sourcing at every step in the supply chain. 

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Companies worldwide trust FSC for sustainability

BMW Group Logo The BMW Group has been an FSC promotional licence holder since 2013. It is the first automotive manufacturer worldwide to equip its cars with tyres using certified sustainable natural rubber.
Corrie MacColl logo Corrie MacColl has been an FSC chain of custody certificate holder since 2020.
Pirelli Logo Pirelli has been an FSC promotional licence holder since 2021 when it launched the world’s first FSC-certified tyre.
Latexco Logo Latexco has been an FSC chain of custody certificate holder since 2019.
Weber & Schaer logo Weber & Schaer has been an FSC chain of custody certificate holder since 2019.
Hunter logo Hunter Boots has been an FSC promotional licence holder since 2020 and has committed that all natural rubber used will be FSC-certified by 2025.
Hunter has made the sector-leading commitment that 100% of our footwear will be made with FSC-certified natural rubber by 2025. We want to transform our supply chain and bring our suppliers along on this journey with us.

Tina Nguyen, Global Sustainability Lead, Hunter

FSC gives rubber the stamp of approval.

We verify sustainability throughout the entire supply chain.
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FSC standards require forest managers to prevent deforestation, protect biodiversity, and uphold the rights of smallholders, communities, and Indigenous Peoples.


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FSC’s chain-of-custody certification verifies that a manufacturer’s natural rubber products meet rigorous standards for sustainable sourcing, from forest to consumer. 

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The FSC system has built-in safeguards, including independent audits, to eliminate bad actors and ensure high standards are being met.

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Brands, retailers, and others can obtain an FSC promotional licence to use the FSC logo and let consumers know their FSC-certified products come from a sustainably managed forest.

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Make a commitment to the forests

Your journey toward sustainable sourcing starts here.

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