FSC Annual Reports

Our annual reports highlight the progress and milestones achieved across the many diverse teams at FSC.
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Cover of the 2022 FSC Annual Report

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Annual Reports show progress on our Global Strategy, which addresses current risks and highlights new opportunities.
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FSC Portugal

FSC Annual Report 2021: Setting 48 Global Actions in Motion

In the first year under our Global Strategy 2021-2026, FSC shared 48 actions that help us shape valuable, sustainable solutions to tackle global forest crises.

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FSC Portugal

FSC Annual Report 2020: A Year Unlike Any Other

In the face of COVID-19, FSC continued to ensure safe working conditions for staff, enabling us to carry out essential work and meet goals, as the report shows.  

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FSC / Iván Castro

FSC Annual Report 2019: Celebrating 25 Years of Impact

Our 2019 report celebrates achievements for the year and looks back on 25 years of hard work that made it all possible. 

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Pursuing our purpose: Forests For All Forever

Guided by our Global Strategy 2021-2026, we reflect on how we’ve fared against our main objective: to expand FSC’s reach. This objective will help us reach a New Forest Paradigm that supports Forests For All Forever. Read more in our 2022 Annual Report.

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