Transition Period for Evaluation of contractors against FSC Core Labour Requirements

FSC /_Milan Reška
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FSC /_Milan Reška
September 4, 2023
Category : Standards

FSC is introducing a transition period for ADV-40-004-23 “Evaluation of contractors against the FSC Core Labour Requirements” with an end date of 31 December 2024 (effective 1 July 2023). The updated directives can be downloaded and viewed here: FSC-DIR-20-011 and FSC-DIR-40-004.


After the publication of FSC’s Core Labour Requirements (CLR), published an Advice Note to provide a credible, while still feasible approach for the evaluation of contractors against the CLR with an effective date of 1 July 2023. After listening to stakeholder feedback, FSC recognizes that there is more time needed for the implementation and so has now introduced a transition period with the end date of 31 December 2024.  FSC is convinced that the transition period will allow certificate holders and certification bodies to adapt relevant measures to ensure CLR are upheld by contractors operating under outsourcing agreements.

Next Steps

FSC continues to be committed to being the most rigorous forestry certification scheme upholding workers’ rights, also for those in outsourcing companies. The Advice Note has been developed to ensure that all certification bodies apply the same level of scrutiny and ensure fairness across the system. This transition period will allow FSC will be working to build a unified understanding on the implementation of the Core Labour Requirements with the following upcoming activities:

  • Upcoming trainings for auditors in four selected countries.
  • An updated FAQ on Core Labour Requirements implementation to be published by end of October 2023.
  • FSC to further refine the risk-based approach that is expected to be applied towards the implementation and auditing of core labour requirements in FSC-certified supply chains.
  • A webinar for all stakeholders about Core Labour Requirements in late November/early December 2023. More information will be circulated on