Responsible fashion starts in the forest.
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Forest-friendly fashion is always in style

Sustainability is a hot topic in fashion, with companies and consumers alike paying close attention to how their choices impact our planet. Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification allows you to provide the responsible choices consumers want and demonstrate your commitment to protecting forests. / Javier García Blanco
FSC certified products
FSC / All clothing and wood hangers are certified
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Responsible sourcing from forest to runway

As the fashion industry works to become more ecofriendly, many brands are turning to forest-based fibres like viscose, lyocell, and modal. 

These fibres, known as man-made cellulosic fibres (MMCFs), can be an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic materials, but only when they come from responsibly managed forests. 

Today, more than 50 per cent1 of MMCFs are sourced from uncertified forests that are vulnerable to deforestation and illegal logging. That’s a problem. 

When you choose FSC certification, you can be sure the items you source, make, or sell are created with the health of our forests in mind.

FSC labelled viscose camisol
FSC / Viscose Camisole (Mey)

Fashion and forests share a common thread

See how your choices impact forests and learn why FSC certification is good for your business and the environment.

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Brands and manufacturers worldwide trust FSC for sustainability

Birla Cellulose logo Birla Cellulose has been an FSC chain of custody certificate holder since 2013 and is an FSC 'Fashion Forever Green Pact' signatory.
Brunello logo Brunello has been an FSC chain of custody certificate holder since 2017 and was one of the first Italian textile manufacturers to obtain the certification.
Daenong Logo Daenong has been an FSC chain of custody certificate holder since 2021 and is an FSC 'Fashion Forever Green Pact' signatory.
ENKA logo ENKA has been an FSC chain of custody certificate holder since 2016 and is an FSC 'Fashion Forever Green Pact' signatory.
H&M Group Logo H&M has been an FSC promotional licence holder since 2022 and is an FSC 'Fashion Forever Green Pact' signatory.
Sézane logo Sézane has been an FSC chain of custody certificate holder since 2019 and is an FSC 'Fashion Forever Green Pact' signatory.
We believe FSC to be the strongest certification system around to ensure responsible forest management, and by using FSC-certified material, we know that the wood in our products come from well-managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. We are therefore committed to increase our use of FSC-certified material in line with our company goal to use 100% recycled or other sustainably sourced materials in our products by 2030.

Madelene Ericsson Ryman, Sustainability Business Expert, H&M Group

How you can benefit from FSC certification

From small-scale boutiques and designers to global fashion houses, any fashion brand can put forests first with FSC.
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If you manufacture fashion products using MMCFs or other forest-based materials, you can obtain a chain-of-custody certification.

Chain-of-custody certification shows your supply chain and your customers that you’re committed to sustainable sourcing. It verifies that you’ve put processes in place to produce and trade FSC-certified products and materials.

When you receive chain-of-custody certification, you will also be able to use the FSC trademarks, letting customers know your product is a responsible, sustainable choice.

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Retailers and brands

Organizations that are not FSC-certified but want to promote FSC-certified finished goods can obtain a promotional licence. This licence enables you to use the FSC logo in your promotional materials, showing the world your commitment to caring for the health and resilience of forests. More than half of consumers around the world recognize the distinctive FSC logo.2

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Sustainably chic

See how FSC certification is helping two international fashion brands design for sustainability.

Green is the new black

The Fashion Forever Green Pact brings brands, retailers, and manufacturers together to protect the world’s forests through a commitment to responsible sourcing.

Join the movement
Stand with fashion companies around the world that are taking action to stop deforestation and illegal logging.
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Designing the future of circular fashion

We’re actively working with our partners in the fashion industry to pioneer new business models, bringing circularity to every step of the supply chain. Our solutions support the three principles of circularity defined by the Ellen McArthur Foundation. *
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FSC UK / E.Parker

Regenerate natural systems

Our forest management standards and ecosystem services solutions ensure forests are managed sustainably so there is no net loss of forest over time.

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Keep products and materials in use

We’re working to expand our FSC Recycled designation—currently used for products like wood and paper—to fashion and textiles.

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Design waste out of the system

Our FSC Recycled label covers pre and post consumer reclaimed material , ensuring that materials are recycled back into production instead of ending up in landfills. 

Make a commitment to the forests

Your journey toward sustainable sourcing starts now.

Learn about the process to obtain your FSC certification or licencing
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1: Textile Exchange: Preferred Fiber and Materials Market Report, 2020

2: GlobeScan Global Consumer Research, August 2021

*: The Circularity Economy in Detail, Ellen McArthur Foundation