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FSC / Todos los productos de madera están certificados
Show the world your commitment to forests.
producto de madera FSC certificado
FSC / Todos los productos de madera están certificados
Body care packaging with wood body brushes
FSC / All packaging and wood products are certified

Understanding promotional licencing

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) promotional licence lets retailers, brands, and others use the FSC trademarks to show their commitment to sustainable forestry. It’s designed for companies that are not certified but do sell or use FSC-certified finished and labelled goods.

Unlock the power of the FSC logo

An FSC promotional licence can benefit you and the planet. A licence allows you to use the globally recognized FSC logo and other FSC trademarks in your promotional materials. Displaying our marks shows your clear commitment to responsible forestry while attracting like-minded customers, employees, and other stakeholders. 

See everything an FSC promotional licence offers below. 



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The FSC advantage

FSC Canada
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FSC is the world’s most trusted forest certification organization.

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The FSC system is a proven method to prevent deforestation, preserve biodiversity, and protect human rights.

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We unite the most extensive certified forest supply chain network.

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Our logo is recognized by 46% of consumers worldwide.

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We have tools and resources to help you bring your sustainability story to the world.

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Our goal is to help everyone see the true value of forests.

Bamboo toothbrush with FSC label
FSC / All wood and bamboo products are certified

A mark that sends a message

Using our trademarks shows you are serious about supporting responsible forestry. See all the FSC trademarks you can use and the purpose behind them.


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Promotional licence roadmap

To start the promotional licencing process, contact your local FSC team. They can provide the specific details for your region and help get you started.  

The general process includes the following steps: 


Start your application

Your local FSC team will begin by providing you with an application form to fill out.


Submit supporting documentation

We’ll advise you on how to provide documentation proving that the products you wish to promote are FSC certified.


Sign the agreement

Signing the promotional licence agreement and paying a service fee (where applicable) will give you access to the FSC trademarks and a unique licence code.


Promote with the FSC trademarks

Once you’ve completed the licencing process, you’ll be free to use the FSC trademarks in your promotional materials.

Ready to get licenced?

Your local FSC team is here to guide you through the promotional licencing process.

Find the FSC team in your country or region
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Frequently asked questions

Where can I access the FSC trademarks after obtaining a promotional licence?

As a promotional licence holder, you’ll be able to log into the FSC Trademark Portal where you can download the FSC trademarks and your promotional panel. Learn more

Where can I use the FSC trademarks after obtaining a promotional licence?

You can use them online (e-commerce, websites, social media), in printed materials, at the point of sale, and in sustainability and annual reports.

Do I need chain of custody certification?

Chain of custody certification  is required primarily by organizations that manufacture and sell forest-based products. You’ll need to obtain FSC chain of custody certification if you:
•    want to apply an FSC label to your own finished goods;
•    want to sell products with an FSC claim on invoices;
•    manufacture, repackage, or relabel FSC-certified products.

You will also need chain of custody certification when you sell FSC-certified products your customers or their value chains will use, if those products are verified by green building rating tools.  Contact your local FSC team for more information.

How long does it take to obtain a promotional licence?

On average, the process takes one to three months, depending on how quickly you can provide the required information and whether you need licence customizations.

How much does a promotional licence cost?

It depends on the scope of the licence. The service fee is based on the size of your business, the number of countries you want to promote in, and the type of support you need. As a nonprofit organization, the fee allows FSC to provide necessary service and support as you use the FSC trademarks.

Our tools help you build your sustainable story

The FSC Marketing Toolkit gives all promotional licence holders a variety of resources for sharing their forest stewardship journey. See how other companies are promoting with the FSC trademarks using the Marketing Toolkit.

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Trademark Guide

Realize the full value of FSC trademarks

All the advantages of FSC trademarks and guidance about how to use them can be found in the FSC Trademark Use Guide for Promotional Licence Holders. 

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1: Ipsos Global Consumer Recognition Study, June 2023 - “Our logo is recognized by 46% of consumers worldwide.”