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Make your home forest-friendly
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Check for the tree

Choose responsibly sourced products and materials for your next move or renovation. With thousands of FSC-certified products on the market from furniture to homeware to DIY, every space can help support FSC’s mission of forests for all forever. 


Discover an incredible array of beautiful indoor and outdoor furnishings that will compliment your home and support our world’s forests.
Outdoor furniture
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Outdoor Furniture

All kinds of outdoor furniture, from a lounge chair to garden sets or even a hammock, can be found with FSC certification.

Indoor wooden furniture
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Indoor Furniture

A variety of indoor furniture, from tables and chairs to bookshelves or cabinets, can be found with FSC certification. Some furniture manufacturers even have entire stores dedicated to their FSC-certified furniture.  

Office furniture
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Office Furniture

Desks, benches, cabinets and a variety of other FSC-certified wooden office furniture are available. You can also find sustainably sourced options for your home-office set-up. 


Bring the forest closer. Every room can contribute to protecting forests while making your interiors look beautiful. 
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Home Decor

FSC-certified home decor products like picture frames, candle stands, pots and vases or even lamp shades can add a touch of natural design to your interiors.

Man chopping vegetables on FSC-certified wooden chopping board
FSC / All wood products are certified

Chopping Boards

FSC-certified chopping boards are available in different shapes and sizes, whether wood or bamboo. 

FSC-certified wooden salad bowl, spatula and serving spoons
FSC / All wood, cork and nut products


A range of FSC-certified products are available for your kitchen, from spatulas and serving spoons to bowls and salt & pepper mills.

DIY (Do-it-Yourself)

Buying FSC-certified materials can help you turn your DIY activity into a responsible act towards protecting forests for the future.
Paint brush with FSC certified wooden handle
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Paint brushes

The wooden handles of paint brushes can be FSC-certified. Similarly, lot of other tools for refurbishment of your home are made of FSC-certified wooden materials.

Hammer with FSC wooden handle

DIY Tools

Whether an axe, hammer, spade, hoe, saw or chisel, a variety of tools come with an FSC-certified wooden handle for your DIY activities. 

Wooden decking in garden / lysh2006

Wooden Decking

You will find FSC-certified wooden planks for decking in different sizes and made of different wood species that are durable and weather resistant. 

Switching to sustainable wood furniture is easier than you think

Trying to shop responsibly? Here's how you can support responsible forest management while surrounding yourself with beautiful wood furniture.


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