Forest Futures: Letting Hope Take Root

FSC / Jonathan Perugia
It’s a first for forests. In our new 2024 publication, we uncover the role of Earth’s forests and illuminate three distinct perspectives of probable future trajectories into the year 2050.
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Forest future
FSC / Jonathan Perugia
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Forest stewardship is the way forward

What is the value of forest stewardship, not only for the planet’s health, but also for the social and economic well-being of society?  

To answer this question, we have taken an in-depth look at past and present challenges. Such comprehensive understanding of global forestry has led to one overarching conclusion: forest stewardship is key to a sustainable future.  

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Proposing perspectives – three trajectories for 2050

In Forest Futures, we explore three forest trajectories and three distinct futures. Each of these trajectories is viewed through the lens of four key drivers of influence: Forest & Planet; People; Economy & Markets; and Governance. These trajectories offer a glimpse into what could transpire. They are not predictions about what will take place, nor are they proposals about what should happen. Rather, they are conversation-starters offering a new perspective.
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Shrinking Canopy

In a world with minimal forest stewardship efforts, the true value of forests is not recognized. Unsustainable logging persists, and the effects of the climate crisis are increasingly felt around the globe. This trajectory presents a future lacking sustainable forest management – and with all of its consequences

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Fragmented Roots

Our second trajectory treads the middle ground of increasing efforts and limited success. In this glimpse into the future, forest stewardship is gaining traction but has not reached its full potential. Governments and people continue to fail to strike a balance between the conservation and use of forests, fragmenting sustainable management projects around the world.

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Forest Harmony

The best-case scenario: Widespread efforts toward forest stewardship have led the world’s forests into a renaissance by 2050. Forest biodiversity is flourishing, strategies focusing on climate resilience are bearing fruit, and reforestation projects have taken root.

Lighting a beacon of hope: Forests For All Forever

The positive role of forests cannot be taken for granted in the future. Only by enhancing forests’ resilience and continuously protecting ecosystems worldwide can they truly become our allies in the face of climate change. To achieve this, activating the full potential of forest stewardship remains key. 

We invite stakeholders to engage further with us in mapping the path ahead to illuminate potential risks and new avenues of opportunity. And so, we ask: Will you join us on this transformative journey? 


We are all forest stewards

Forest managers, businesses, and citizens all have a role to play in protecting our forests for a healthy planet.

Recognize your role for forest’s futures today.  
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